Date: 12-23-42
Time: 6:30am
Entry 45: Subject 95 - session 1-9: Biological Weaponry - Code Name: Lilith

Subject unfrozen from cryogenic stasis at 6:00am on December 23, 2042
Biological Weapon Subject 95: Withstanding a barrage of bullets for 10 minutes, force field: Subject collapses after 10 minutes with a small nasal hemmerage.
Subject has stopped aging.
Subject's eyes have changed to replicate those around her.
Subject can change her arm into that of non-organic matter, that of missiles, guns, and that of a blade made from her very bones.

Conclusion of Subject 95: Lilith is too human to continue to work with, but too dangerous to release into the public. Subject must be terminated.

I looked around my large white room, said I had been too dangerous to play with in war. They were correct, I was self aware, I dreamed and had feelings...but I longed for whatever the world offered, what I knew I would never have a slight chance of seeing or feeling that of what normal humans do.
My master, Daniel lunderman, the man who had discovered and began to perfect that of which he called super soldiers in a seceret facility underground, hidden in Angel Island of San Francisco. No one knew what kind of horrid things happened here, but I had witnessed it all, and I was ready to leave it for good, but...
War was upon us, and I was the only thing that could stop it...

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