What The Hell?

I went to bed at a strange hour yesterday - 5pm. My sleeping cycle has been f*cked for a while now, so going to sleep at odd hours is normal for me. But something happened while I was falling asleep. I felt like my whole body was vibrating. It was the strangest thing, I could -hear- the frequency of each vibration coursing through my body. Then before I could even comprehend what was happenning, I was suddenly floating above my body. I couldn’t believe it, at the time I assumed I was lucid dreaming or something so I turned toward my door and made to open it, but my hand went. Right through it. That’s when I really looked around and saw how ether like everything appeared. It was amazing and nearly impossible not to just stare at my room for hours. I could see each molecule as it shifted and vibrated.
Catching myself, I ended up floating out of my house and outside, by this time it was around 11:00pm so I just kept floating above the city, watching what few people that was still awake. This is where it gets disturbing. In the distance I could see hundreds of faint vapor like entities floating toward me. They all seemed to have a humanoid shape but had no fine details - like a blank puppet. As they passed me, I felt icy cold and suddenly I could no longer move. Panicked, I squeezed my eyes shut and thought about how much I wished I were back in bed. Then, as if a retractable wire was attached to me, I was pulled back into my body where I woke up in a cold sweat.

What the hell did I just experience? Was that a dream?