I talked to Melanie Lemay, my "boss". She was welcoming me to Abstergo and even gave me this tablet looking thing. It helps me work the elevator, check e-mail messages, and tell me what I need to do. However, I am going to an Assassin Techie to see if he can give me full access to every security level in the building.

Just a few days ago, there was an Assassin initiate who got into Abstergo Entertainment, made it that wherever there is a camera, everything will be recorded. But, I have to go in to retrieve the recordings and watch meetings. I need to do all of this first before Abstergo sends me out to different Templar locations, so I can get information for the Assassin's and record it at the same time.

I have an animus to look over my ancestors lives that I mentioned in my last entry. I'm trying to decide to who to start with, but I think I will start with Nathanael since I know more about him than my other ancestors. Melanie said that since I'm an Agent and that makes me a very "important person", she gave me permission to edit what happens in the animus. I'm not going to do that, because all this place does is edit things to make themselves look good and that the Assassin's are evil.

So, I'm about to enter the animus for the first time. Nathanael Greene, here I come.

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