Wow high school is so stressing. And it's only sophomore year..Dreading junior and senior year. Freshman year was a piece of cake compared to this year's workload. And it doesn't help that my school is overly competitive..Everyone's a perfectionist, studying all day and I don't see how one can do that! I can barely force myself to concentrate!

I have never wanted winter break to come so badly..Glad it's here. I plan on being lazy and just relaxing. I know I should be studying for finals after break, but I just can't force myself to. You don't know how much I abhor studying. And I'm screweddd because winter break's supposed to be a time to catch up on all material learned in class..but no, I can't force myself to. Scared for finals >.<

So yeah, 2 weeks for winter break. But 7 of the days I'll be gone in Vegas. Leaving on the morning of Christmas :'( No Internet. Coming back on the 31st! New Years' Eve~ I'm like conflicted about it, I wanna go on vacation but the whole time I'll be stressing over finals/school. Cause after I return, there's only like 2 days and a weekend. And I'm already booked. Plus, that weekend, my weekend routine returns. Like, my Chinese School and Orchestra starts again, whatnot.

Eugh. Chemistry test after break. And I barely know the material.
French quiz that week.
My grades are suffering ;_; But I just can't study. Please, I really want to a easier school. Why must my parents send me to this overly hard, competitive school..