" You gave less, than you tried to posses. ".

And I could never understand why. I could see myself reflected in those deep, dark eyes.


That’s the only way to describe them. I can still feel it. The unsettling tension in my body when I became a target to those eyes. It was all consuming. The way he looked at me. With such a burning intensity that set my insides on fire. Who was he? I felt like I knew him from long ago, and yet he was so foreign.

The distance between us seemed so close. Like I could reach out and touch his skin- he looked icy to the touch. And yet he was so far away. Like if I did reach out, his image would waver and drift farther from me. In that small moment when our eyes locked, I felt like a millions lives passed through me at once. Like all the air I had ever breathed had filled up in my lungs and exploded out of me. But just like that, the moment was over, and you were gone. And I was alone, so alone. Just like I always am.

The image of you is burned in my brain. It’ll never go away. I still toss and turn and dream of your face- a distorted vision of animosity. The hostility in your face, the tension in your jaw, the wrinkle between your brows, I remember it all, in perfect clarity. But as clear as it is, it’s blurry too. A constant battle of duality that haunts me.

And still I ask myself.

Who are you?

Who were you?

And who am I to you?