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my ranting spot

Community Member
Stuff I don't want
Hat/Head Items:

Wind Halo, Coco Fleece Hat, Morgana's Hat, Nartian Star,
Empress Cotton, The False Prince Crown, Ahhrr!! Hat Ocean Blue,
Playful Captain's Hat, Stylish Captain's Hat, Head of Dreams,
Verizon Studio Headphones, Lunar Headphones, Obsidian Tatsu Helm,
Sorrow's Preamble, A Fat Cat Hat, Coca-Cola Beanie, Kermit Hat,
Mistletoe Headband, Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Hat, Tinsel Halo,
Rudolph Gasmask, Venus Discordia, Military Formal, Stormbringer,
Cybertronic Layer, Chocaholic Cherry Fondue, Anthozoa, Buttons' Game,
Under the Big Top, Bat Eye Patch, Pumpkin Eye Patch, Sprout's Hair Pin,
Black and Purple Long Bi-Color Costume Wig, Force A Nature, Mini Chequer,
Hazardous Punk, Cat Noir, White Dwarf Prognosticator, Space Channel Gaia,
Misguided Brother, Sidhe Lord of the Glade (x2), Sidhe Lord of the Cavern,
Royal Mariner, Sinister Souru, Light Crowned Ranks (x2), Queen's Advisor.
Caroling Medic

Top/Shirt Items
Grave Danger Spectral Shroud, Laceback Jacket, Garnet Decorative Sari,
Amethyst Princess Gown, Blue Web Bustier Blue Web Shirt,
Checkered Duet Jacket, Regal Duet Jacket, Spooky Imp Hoodie,
Bedsheet Toga, Bee Sting, Arrow Phaser, Royal Cloak Blue, Northern Starlight,
Akkorokamui, Lophius Monk, Macy's TEEZE ME One shoulder dress,
Harry Potter's House Robe, Harry Potter Quidditch Uniform, Tonbo Furisode,
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Sharp Coat, Pie Cape, Spirited 2k11 Candy Cane Capelet,
Tiered Tinsel Dress, Science Camp Labcoat, Caretaker Tia, Mrs. Claws Sweater
Doomsday Party Placard, Buccaneer Tyrian Pirate Coat (x2), Nitemare Bustier,
What the Fluff Participation Shirt, Rose Guardian, Signal's Cape,
Arctic White Hunter's Hoodie, Futakuchi Onna,

Bottom/Pants and Shoes/Feet Items
World's Best Jeans, Chained Pocket Watch, Radio Jack Messenger Bag,
Kung Fu Panda (yellow belt), Tropical Kodama (x2), Spirited 2k11 Puffy Pants, High Wire Unicyclist, Dexterous Marksman, Camp Chaos Secret Stage Sash,
Lion Tamer's Pride, Aeon's Spark, Woodland Fawn Slippers, Spirited 2k11 Merry Boots,
Armor Ryder Boots, Street Ryder Boots, When I Grow Up,

Accesories Tab
Vampire's Fangs (RAWR), Determined Eyes, Venus Embrace Sunglasses, Oculus Magica,
Young Mrs. Claus' Gloves, Classic Record Earrings, Coca-Cola Sunglasses,
Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace, Gaia 9th Anniversary Scarf, Devilish Sleeves,
Pristine Gloves, Detective Zoom, Rejected Olympics 2k12 Aekea Neckerchief,
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Paintball Splatters, Purple/Blue Sun Visor, Cross My Heart,
Jack's 2k11 Gloves, Food Coma, Team Louie Face Paint, Xmas 2k12 Bell Choir Gloves,
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Mittens, Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Scarf, Creme Brulee
10th Anniversary Diamond Rose Corsage, Astra-65: 10th Anniversary Unending Lament,
White Lily Corsage, Golden Grandmaster, Skinless, Astra-86: Teal Blinking Sly Eyes,
Astra-97: Red Winking Bedroom Eyes, 8 Ball Riot, Xmas 2k13 Gingerbread Tie,
Astra-114: Xmas 2k13 Shiny Nose,

Items Tab
Beastly Rose, My Own Little Elftech, DBZ Power Up, Darkened Cello, Grave Danger Yurei Doll,
Lightning Bolt, Dark Elf's Spider Dagger, HSM microphone (x2), Ever After Curse (x2),
Child of Eden (shooting lights), V-Day 2k11 Kissing Booth, Sublime Mademoiselle,
Lunar Celebration, Courtly Love, Victoribelle Minty Green Lace Fan, Nihonshu Geisha,
Shilay-Lee the Pooka, Sir Percy, Oliver's Amusement, Twin Wolves, Bunnihilation,
Guang the Golden Qilin, Celestial Array, Benny the Puppy (x2), Legendary Mage,
Chase the Painted Bandit, Independence Fireworks, Fairy Grove, Bitter Black,
Patches the Pup, Cup of Milk, Easter 2k12 Basket of Diedrichs, Grave Danger Funeral Frame,
Man-Eating Tree, Mountain of Presents(x2), Sparkle Werewolf, Chest Console,
Secret Tote Bag, Black Tonfa, Retro Raygun, Four Ponies of the Apocalypse, Kaya the Cat
2008 Rejected Olympics Burnt Toast Trophy, Dream Dollhouse, Helical Trick, Xylophony,
Bunny Kites, Magical Invitation, Silver-Gilt Punch Bowl, Ophidian Harmony,
Timehole Traveler, Apocalyptic Explosion, Tamer Druid, Midnight Reprisal, Nihonzaru,
Shade the Baby Dragon, Turbo Rocketpack, Stellarscapes, Stellarscapes,
What the Fluff Balloon, Red Flame Bike, On The Road, Wyvern Fluff, Manticore Plush,
Funnel Kate, The News for Cats, Talisman of Evil, Plasma Cluster, Corral de la moreria,
Scott Pilgrim: Roxie Richter Companion, Captain Ara's Nestegg 8th Gen., Daydream Game,
Bunrin Carrotto, Marquis de Marquee, Queen's Vengeance, Astra-64: Full Spectrum,
Tenshi Gaia-tan, SDPlus #222 Buttons the Pierrot, La Dragonne, SDPlus #255 La Dragonne,
SDPlus #199 Gaia-tan, Otaku Sanctuary, Raccoon Companion, My Seeing Lass,
Shortcake the Strawberry Plush, Autumn The Steed, Lovey the Dove, Princess the Piglet,

And I'm done for now.

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