Just This Moment.

The thrumming of my heart against these fragile threads of space and time,

Has become deafening in sound, as I'm sucked through this small part.

We continue to drift through this airless vacuum,

Expanding exponentially, living between the overlay of infinity.

I cannot verbalize this emptiness. This expanse of my reality.

I cannot seem to breathe onto you the death you've plagued me with.

You see me, but through me.

Isn't that it?

Could you have forgotten?

I've only loved you for this small moment.

And yet you disgrace me time and time again.

When did these threads become coated with all the hate that we've forgotten?

Will this be our fate?

Our final dance in this morbid symphony of chance?

I'm calling out in the soundless space of your heart.

Can you hear me?

Or am I just playing the part?


Just now,

Did you remember me?

In this moment.

Did you forget me?

Or not?