We passed the inspection. Sort of. We got written up for bugs again sad They are so difficult to get rid of. I hope we don't get kicked out because of it. We literally have no where else to go. *sigh* Anyways, I put off a lot of work until the last few hours before the inspection lady was supposed to show up. There was so much to do. I've made a promise to myself to keep up with everything from now on just so I won't have to work that f*cking hard ever again. I was so tired that after she left I sat down to watch a little television, and ended up falling asleep sitting upright. My room mate woke me up for some stupid reason, and admitted later that he knew I was tired. He does that all the time. Sees me sleeping in the living room and decided that's the perfect time to talk to me. WHY?! I asked him once, but all he could come up with as far as an answer was a shrugging of the shoulders. He's such an ass stare

This week the jehovah witnesses only came by to give me their version of the bible. An "updated" one which according to them is to "help people read and understand it". It basically uses modern day terms rather than old timey terms. They have also claimed that the bible is the "inspired word of god" and that the people who compiled it were "divinely inspired". If that were true, then the bible was supposedly perfect as it was. Who or what exactly gives them the right to edit it? And how do I know they've edited it correctly and not fudged anything while doing so? I think I am going to give it back to them and explain that I prefer the internet over their book. Specifically, I prefer least edited works. And yes, I know the stories in the bible were edited heavily when it was first compiled, but at least on the internet I can look up the original stories and/or theories about the stories and their origins. Even if I do not agree with or see compelling evidence for some theories, I think it is good to know of them at the very least. Hopefully they don't take it the wrong way.

Also, this week I saw that the Disney channel was showing their animated Tarzan movie. I've watched it three or four times now. I think I like it more than the Lion King movies. I also noticed something that I never saw when I was younger: the relationship between Kala and Kerchak. There isn't much of it, so a lot of what I see could just be my imagination. At the beginning of the movie Kerchak and Kala have a kid together and they even sleep together. After their child dies, they aren't shown in a night time scene, so I can't see if the situation changed between them, but Kala is at the back of the line while they are traveling. Just before the camera zooms in on her, Kerchak can be seen looking back with what seems to be a worried look on his face. I assume he does care for her, but their relationship is probably strained due to the loss of their child. When Kala brings Tarzan back to the group Kerchak doesn't like it because he thinks that Tarzan could bring harm to their family. I'm guessing since he's the leader of the group he couldn't allow himself to mourn his kid's death for very long, if at all. He had to keep going and stay strong for the family. After he does his angry roar thing and Kala doesn't budge on her wanting to keep Tarzan, Kerchak's face softens. He asks if she's sure there are no others and then lets her keep baby Tarzan. Again, I think this is him caring for her showing through. He probably wants her to be happy even if he doesn't like something she wants, which shows a bit in his line "I said he could stay, that doesn't make him my son." After that Kala sings a bit then goes off to sleep by herself. The look on Kerchak's face when he sees her sing is priceless. I think this is where Kala accepts being at the edge of the group with Tarzan, and I think it is also the moment that seals Kerchak's rejecting Kala. At their next interaction, which is after Tarzan sends a herd of elephants running through where the family group is, Kerchak is angry not only at Tarzan but it seems to me, at Kala as well. She is the one that brought Tarzan into the group after all, and Tarzan keeps making trouble for them. Tarzan runs off and Kala goes after him and makes him feel better. Such a heart warming scene. Her line "You see? We're the same. Kerchak just can't see that." makes me wonder if Kerchak is still upset about the loss of their child. His sadness could be preventing him from seeing Tarzan in a better light. He could also be upset that Kala moved on and found a new child while he couldn't or wouldn't do so. Was his sadness about the loss of his own child make him not care if a helpless child of someone else's died too? Is that why he told Kala to take baby Tarzan back where she found him? Anyway, later on, Sabor attacks Tarzan, and Kerchak grabs Sabor as she/he chases Tarzan and starts beating the sh*t out of her/him. Why he didn't do that to protect his child that Sabor killed, I don't know. Kerchak gets knocked down and Tarzan leaps in to help, and after a fight scene, Tarzan ends up killing Sabor. Something that puzzles me is why did Kerchak save Tarzan when Kerchak doesn't like Tarzan. He could have been acting out of revenge for his own child's death, or he could have considered Tarzan part of the group by then, or Sabor could have simply been a threat to the whole group, so he needed to attack anyway, or maybe he was doing it for Kala who he should know by that time cares about Tarzan. Whatever the reason, by the end of the fight, Kerchak also seems sad. Since Tarzan killed Sabor, he could be thinking that maybe he can't protect the family anymore. Tarzan also brings the body of Sabor to Kerchak and they have a quiet moment which almost looks like Kerchak might say something to approve of Tarzan for the first time, but then a gunshot goes off and that moment ends. Thanks a lot Clayton stare After a run in with the humans, Kerchak tells everyone to stay away from them. Tarzan disagrees and Kerchak tells Tarzan to help protect the family by staying away. Which in a way, is approval from Kerchak. By asking for help to protect the family, he's acknowledging that Tarzan can in fact, do such a thing. Kala backs up Kerchak's decision by telling Tarzan to listen to Kerchak. I wonder if the relationship between Kala and Kerchak was starting to mend at this time or if she saw the danger the humans posed, or maybe she was scared of losing her adopted son? When the humans are about to leave Tarzan decides to show them the gorillas in an attempt to get them to stay. Kerchak was lured away, but ends up catching the humans with the family anyway. He attempts to attack them, but Tarzan stops him. Kala seems horrified at this and Kerchak seems disappointed, reiterating that he asked Tarzan to protect the family. Since they seem to be in close frames of mind, maybe this is where they start getting over what came between them before? Tarzan runs off and Kala decides to show him where she found him, at which point Tarzan decides to go with the humans on their boat. She goes back to the family, and Kerchak spots her sitting alone. It almost seems like he's sorry that she's sad. If the pirates(?) didn't attack at that point I keep thinking he would have gone up to her and they would have made up with one another. Tarzan saves the family, after which he goes up to Kerchak who had been shot during the fighting. Kala is next to Kerchak when Tarzan approaches. There is no scene showing more of this, but I keep thinking that the two of them were saying their goodbyes and each apologizing for things, and maybe saying they loved each other. Cliché, yes, but still so sad. Kerchak also asks Tarzan to protect the family and finally accepts him as his son before dieing. After which Tarzan gives him a hug and then has a Lion King Roar moment, minus the roar, where he accepts his new position in the group. And then happily ever after with everyone who is still alive. Which, holy sh*t there were a lot of deaths in this movie. The baby gorilla, both of Tarzan's parents, Sabor, Clayton, and Kerchak. Seems like a lot for a kid's film. Then again, Mulan had a few thousand, so maybe not...

I just wanted to type out something about this movie. I tried talking to my room mate about it and what I saw in it, but he just made fun of me and it stare Such an ass. I really wish I could talk about movies with other people without being made fun of. Pretty sure no one in the entertainment section of the forums no one would want to talk about movies that were not only kid's movies but old kid's movies. I'm also sure most of the people in the writer's forum don't like me all that much. So... yeah... Just me talking to me neutral