"All hallows eve.... x3"

"Come children, let's sit in a circle" Alissa smiled at the group of first graders before saying cheerfully "It's story time!" The children all sat in a circle on the floor listening with genuine interest at each others "spooky" story. Each child had their own turn to spin a tale of horrors, after all- it was all hallows eve. What else was better preparation then story time with a spooky theme?
Alissa grabbed a bag of candy which she had hidden behind her back and gave each of the kids two pieces after they finished their tale. After everybody had gone, and all the candy was passed out the quietest girl in class spoke up.
"m-miss Alissa?" she asked.
Alissa was shocked but without missing a beat she answered "Yes Lily, what is it?"
Lily's cheeks get a slight flush as the entire class of ten others turned to her. "um... can you tell us that story again? th-the one from when you were little?"
The rest of the class then all began to agree with Lily and started to ask the same.
"All right, all right." Alissa giggled "of course I'll tell you. However- you all need to sit in the circle again." Even though the children hadn't realized it, many of them had gotten so excited that they had stood up. With not another word said, the children were on the floor all eyes on Alissa. She let out a slight laugh before she begun. "Now let's see... I was right about your guy's age now. My siblings and I were always getting into trouble. My twin Gwyneth LOVED to explore, she tended to be the leader of the group. Then there was my other twin, Jayce. Even though he's the boy of all of us, he tended to be the scaredy-cat of us three."
The children all giggled at this part as they always did. Alissa grinned then continued on.
"And then there was lle ol' me- the "princess". I hated to get dirty- it just made me feel so gross. Not to mention it ruined my always ever-so-lovely-shoes! The nerve of that dirt!" Alissa smiled, already half gone in the memory. The children giggled yet again. They all knew this story by heart- but they didn't care. They loved it anyway.
"It was all hallows eve, and all of us ere super excited. Our mother's work invited her to a party. Thanks to the fact that she couldn't find anyone to take all three of us- we were getting to go with her."

~years ago~
Jayce screamed. It was a scream of pure, undiluted terror. It was the kind of scream that only ever happened under one circumstance. Or I should say, only when one person happened to be near- Gwyneth. Jayce ran out of his room, his face was a mess, covered in black face-paint and tears. He ran as fast as his little seven-year-old legs could carry him and hid behind me.
I looked toward his bedroom door just as Gwyneth, the little trouble maker, walked out. She was wearing her normal "I'm a happy go lucky seven year old, don't mind me" smile in all it's childish charm. She, being my twin sister, had the same dirty-blonde hair color as me though she chose to wear it in a much shorter fashion than me. Her hair was the normal semi-messy, medium-short style except for one thing- cat ears. On this faithful night of All Hallows Eve, her selected costume was her favorite cartoon character- the Cheshire cat. I crossed my arms and stood defensively in front of Jayce, staring at Gwyneth disapprovingly.
"What?" she said all to guiltily "I was just testing my costume out."
I raised an eyebrow at her as if to say "and?"
"And it had a harmless little prank with it. Nothing bad, though. I didn't break anything this time!" She was visibly pouting now, obviously remembering the time she blew up the kitchen sink. I shuddered at the memory.
"You should stop picking on him, Gwyn." I scolded.
"Pfft. You pick on him too Liss. And your not my mom!"
"No I don't! He doesn't mind me practicing my beauty techniques on him! And no duh, stupid- I'm you sister."
"H-hey guys?" Jayce stammered "W-we should stop fighting b-before mommy shows up."
"A bit to late for that, sweetheart."
I turned around and there was my mommy, in her old fashioned dress. I couldn't pronounce what mommy had said it was but I was pretty sure it started with a "V", just like the party mommy was taking us to. She then spoke up again. "Now my little princess, the cat has a point. However you both need to stop messing with your pour little skeleton brother. Come now Jayce, I will fix up your face paint. Gwyneth, Alissa, you both need to get your shoes on and grab your trick-or-treat bags." Just like that she walked away smiling, carrying Jayce to the bathroom.

"After that things went without a hitch. Well, mostly anyway. At the end of the party there was the little incident."

I look over to see Gwyneth poking something with a stick. Her definition of cool is most things I found gross. Jayce decided to speak up at that moment.
"U-Uh guys? We really should go back inside... it's cold out here and mommy's gunna worry..."
"It's fine! Now come look at this!" Gwyneth said excited. Jayce walked over to beside her and asked "what is it?"
"I don't know! That's what makes it so cool!" I start to head over and Gwyneth makes a particularly hard jab at the un-nameable object.
We all freeze. Jayce from fright, me from shock, and Gwyneth had that look again. The look that meant she wasn't going to give up on this anytime soon, the look that said that that.... thing had captured more than just her momentary interest. Now that could only mean one thing when it came to Gwyneth- trouble. The smile that slowly crept across her face meant I was right. We were in for a looooong night.
"Hey you guys? Help me move it! I want to put it in some more light so it's easier to see." She reached out to grab Jayce's arm and he ran to the safest place he can think of, behind me. "Eww. Gwyneth your so gross!"
"Nuh-uh! You both are just a bunch-a babies!" She started to poke the thing again and it grunted again. Which made her poke it more.
"Gwyneth, I don't think we should stay here. Leave it be."
Just then the thing suddenly grabbed Gwyneth's stick. Jayce screamed. It slowly looked up. Past Gwyneth, past me, and stared straight at Jayce who was shaking in terror. The thing had blood red eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness. I heard Gwyneth murmur "Wicked." before the thing was up on two feet. The description of thing, even monster seemed to fit it perfectly.
It jumped up and knocked Gwyneth down, not even noticing her. It took one step forward then another getting closer and closer. Jayce and I were paralyzed in pure fear. It was a dark feeling, one that could be described as pitch black, the kind of black that no light ever saw, it was sickly and creeped up our spines ever so slowly making it seem all the more terrifying.

(to be continued)