Well, hello..?

I decided I ought to post something in here because, well frankly, why not? I understand that it's quite unlikely that anyone will read this...but, if anything, I suppose it's a good thing for me just to write it. I almost never log into this site anymore, but because of my extremely old account and my detailed memory (remembering my username/password) here I am again. As it stands right now I am a twenty year old dude attending college and trying to find my place in the world.

Anyways, before I go ahead and write a novel here, as I have a tendency to ramble, I must first say that I'm quite surprised you're even reading this. Secondly, I encourage you to message me or something. I love people. You are people. So let's have a swell conversation!

If not...have a wonderful life!

P.S. If you were thinking of reading any of my past journal entries...they're lame.