So, I think I'm going to make up a holiday to celebrate all of my wonderful collaborators next year. It's either going to be 2 January or 1 February and that's by design! I want to bring the numbers '1' and '2' together to celebrate the incredible magic that is collaborative creative endeavors. I wanted to call it partner day, but it felt too familiar, so I thought I'd call it Collaborator Day, but it made me think of criminals. I don't know which day or name I'll go with yet, but I plant o make it a very interesting day.

I'm full of good ideas, but I don't know how to promote myself or things I do.

I feel as if creating is the only thing I do exceptionally well and I'm so grateful I get to share it with so many people. And I'm always open to more! If anyone ever wants to, ya know, write a quick comic or something with me, I'd be down. Maybe develop some OCs or RP characters, I'd be all for it