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Role Play Sample
This here is several of the posts from an ongoing role play I am participating in with Mistah_BadGuy. The character Xepar is his creation and all the writing for/by that character is his. All credit goes to him. The character Lynea is mine. It is a sample for the sake of anyone wanting to see my style and some of what I expect from a role play in terms of length, content, and literacy.

Lynea watched him with bright eyes, and when he began to run for the edge of the plateau just as the moon rose, she laughed out, a carefree sound that she couldn't remember hearing from her own mouth for some time. After he jumped, she ran to the edge and watched his sleek dive in, then come up moments later, and laughed again. "You call that brave? Please!" Then she disappeared from the edge, thinking it was time to show off a little. She motioned Forsythe over and climbed on his back, then backed up from the edge of the cliff as much as they could.

A few deep breaths to prepare, then with a shouted battle cry the pair charged for the edge, at the last second, Forsythe seemed almost to pause, then he was leaping, launching them powerfully in to the air. For a moment, they were framed in the moon, and then they began to slowly falling. With another spark of laughter, Lyn released her legs from the lion's sides, kicked lightly off his shoulders, and propelled herself forward into a front flip before she came down in to a perfect dive, slicing in to the water with barely a splash, though Forsythe was rather less delicate about his landing. She came up just behind Xepar, tapping him on the shoulder as she wiped her hair out her face, grinning widely, excitement making her eyes shine, and she laughed like a child.

Xepar watched her as she came soaring off the edge with the lion. He watched her fly from Forsythe, and land in the water with hardly a splash. Then, he watched as Forsythe clumsily splashed into the water. He had expected no more from either of them. But he really didn't think that she could convince the lion to jump with her. As she tapped him from the back, he turned around, wading with his legs. He smiled at her, her own laughter causing him to let out the sound of his enjoyment. After all, laughter was contagious, and he was having a very good time as well. He smiled, and said, "Well, I don't have a lion to ride off into the moon, so I'll do with what I can!" Xepar smiled, and then looked back at the lion. "You alright there Forsythe? Did she take you to a height you didn't want to go?" He had noticed his stutter, and his voice indicated that he was teasing the lion.

Xepar smiled at her, put a hand to his nose, and waved to her as he suddenly began to sank below the water. He had emptied his lungs of air, and allowed himself to sink. The water would glisten in the moonlight, but he would be nearly impossible to see unless she joined him underneath the surface of the mirror. With this hidden view, he went underneath her, quickly yanked on her foot, and pushed himself to the side to avoid a kick. He did not come up directly after, instead he swam to where he saw white paws coming through the water. He was not sure what the lion would react if he tickled the underside of a paw.

Lynea watched him disappear, shaking her head, then yelped when she felt the yank on her foot. Glaring and grumbling, she dove under the water. Her abilities gave her an unfair advantage, which she shamelessly made use of. Spying Xepar headed for Forsythe, she caught his eye and waggled a finger at him like one would a naughty child. Then with the same innocence she had employed earlier during their fight before when she splashed him, a deliberate warning to her intentions, she flicked her wrist, and the water around him surged, forcing him to the surface, where she joined him.

Breaking the surface of the water, she swam right up to him, a mischievous glint in her eye. "Just so you know, the first time we did that, it was his idea. Now, you really shouldn't pull people's legs like that." She backpedaled slightly then looked over his shoulder at the lion. "Forsythe, be a dear; get him." The beast seemed more than happy to oblige, and carefully keeping his claws out of the mix, threw his forepaws over Xepar's shoulders and dunked him. After he let the elf up again, he licked his face and hair mercilessly. Lynea giggled helplessly at the sight, barely able to keep herself upright in the water.

As soon as she made him come above the water, Xepar exclaimed, "Now that isn't fair at all!" He turned to swim towards her when she called for the lion. His eyes widened, and he turned to swim but the lion was faster than he. He held his breath and allowed for him to be dunked, but as he came back up and the lion began to lick him, he quickly protested. He put his hands in front of his face, trying to keep the massive tongue from licking him again. "Two against one?" Xepar put his feet up against the lions chest and pushed against it, managing to escape the tongue.

He did not swim towards her, he knew that it would be futile with her control over water. Instead he took a breath and dived underneath the surface. Xepar could hold his breath for minutes on end. But the question was, where was he? The moonlight provided no advantage for her or the lion. He opened his eyes, and quickly saw Lynea and Forsythe. The distance between the two would be far enough. He swam through the water, underneath the cover of darkness, and went straight for Forsythe. Xepar sank to the bottom, which was only about 20 feet deep. He pushed off and his strokes propelled him up behind the lion. He used the lions flank to pull himself up along with the momentum, and he landed on its back. He quickly put an arm around the lions neck, and the other down to the chest. His legs wrapped around the lions torso, tightening. He did not intend to let go.

Lynea merely grinned at him as he protested. "A true warrior always uses every advantage given her," she said sagely, as a teacher to a student." When he disappeared under water, she didn't bother to chase him this time. She wanted to see what he would do. When he came up beside Forsythe and climbed on him, for a moment she protested, then had an evil idea. The lion was struggling madly, but with no leverage in the water and no way to roll over on to the elf, he was a bit stuck.

She swam casually up the animal, and began stroking his ears. "Shh, sh Forsythe, it's ok. Can't you see? The poor man's just tired! We must have worn him out, and he needs a ride back to shore. Why don't we give him one?" She began examining her nails, as though nothing had happened, then quietly, began to whistle, while her other hand traced the lion's forehead, and he grew to traveling size, forcing Xepar's arms and legs open. Forsythe then swam for shore, and with a rough shake, dumped Xepar on the bank, held him with a paw, and resumed washing him with his tongue.

Xepar growled. He had forgotten, that this lion was not what it seemed. He found himself once again being pinned down and licked. He made sure to shield his eyes as he looked for a possible escape. He didn't want to become too aggressive towards the lion. But he knew that this was the only way. Xepar looked up into the eyes of the lion. He grabbed it by its neck with one arm, and then planted a foot firmly on the ground. His hand grasped the lion's leg that had pinned him, just above the paw. His other leg came up, compressed against the lion's chest. "Sorry Forsythe." He pulled the lions paw to the side, and then extended his legs. He pulled on the lion's neck to start the rotation.

The movement was swift, powerful, and above all: worked. Xepar had managed to push the lion off to the side. He quickly got up, and then broke into a sprint. He went for the plateau, around the back. He sprinted from the slope to the side of the house, to the edge. Instead of leaping, he ran straight off. He formed his diving position the second he was airborne, hurling down into the water fast as an arrow.

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