Gaia Username: Skydron

Character Name: Sky-dron

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: His actual age is unknown, as he literally stopped counting many years prior. He is an ancient being, though he outwardly appears to be in his 20s.

Main Element: Light

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Character Appearance: Sky-dron possesses an average build, being of slightly above average height. His frame is muscular, but not overly so to allow for both speed and power in combat. He also has a prehensile tail that he can manipulate with relative ease, though he keeps it hidden, preferring to surprise his opponents with it in battle.

General reference pictures:Reference 1/Reference 2

Character Background: No one really knows from where Sky-dron really comes from, not even Sky-dron himself. A wanderer by nature, Sky-dron has long since forgotten where he came from, as such knowledge goes back too far to remember. All he knows for certain is that he is unique, the last of his kind. He also knows that there was once a great many more of his kind, though this knowledge is more instinctual.

The first major recorded appearance of Sky-dron is from his previous time in the land of Euphoria, though there have been reported sightings of him prior to this. Any history of himself from before that time is hazy at best.


Sky-dron (Sky)


Kahonian (last one known, lost race of immortals)

Current location:

Mostly seen at the elemental school where he
has attained the rank of being the god of light

General Abilities:

Flight, summoning, energy manipulation, light/darkness elemental manipulation, delving into shadow usage.


Above average height. Built, but not overly so, leanly muscled allowing for speed as well as strength in battle. Fast, but strong. Outward generally shown by sig.

Combat Abilities:

(to be added later when time allows.)

Background story:

No one really knows from where Sky-dron really comes from, not even Sky-dron himself. He has long since forgotten where he came from, it goes back to far to remember. All he knows is that he is unique, the last of his kind, that much he knows. He also knows that there was once a great many more of his kind.

Sky-dron has taken to wandering, first major recorded appearence being in the land of Euphoria. Any history of himself from before that time is hazy at best.

When he first appeared in the land of Euphoria he came across a rather shady character who was attempting to steal the powers of the then Ice goddes Alestial, who he would later learn to be his adopted sister. Having nothing really better to do he dispatched the character without much dificulty.

He would also meet on his first day in the land of Euphoria the soon to be god of darkness, Thanatos. At first there was a noticable tension between the two, but that would eventually grow into a mutual respect between the two.

Sky-dron decided to stay in the land of Euphoria, looking to expand his abilities. He would later battle Thanatos, nearly perishing as a result. Since deciding to stay, Sky-dron has since grown in both power and ability. He would attain the rank of light god. Originally not possessing any set elements, using only energy, he viewed this as a way to expand his abilities.

Sky-dron may be the god of light, but he possesses a darkness inside himself. One he has on numerous occassions tried to control, without much success. He has learned however, to control it to some extent, allowing him to use its power. This allows him a 'duel nature' of sorts. There should be some warning however, that this inner darkness desires freedom.....

((more to come))


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A sword that he created before coming to the school. It possesses many hidden abilities, many of which even Sky doesnt himself know.

Known abilities.
-Energy absorption
-Weapon Merger


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Dark's Bane
(Currently merged with original weapon)

A sword designed to repeal Darkness. It can stop darkness and it will instantly dispel any darkness aura spells and cuts through bone as if it were flesh

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Sword of Unseen Striking

Allows the wielder to become invisible 3 times a day for 10 seconds. Has the Bull Rush ability. When swung it will knock one's opponent backwards every time it is swung. Deals out minor Fire, minor Ice, and a fair amount of Darkness damage

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Sword of Wicked Power

The sword is wicked shaped, dealing out damage directly from your energy. So it does however much you want it to, within your power of course. This damage can most likely take the form of a large beam of energy the surges toward the opponent. The size of the beam depends on how much power the wielder pours into the attack.

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Blade of the Exorcist

A blade he created himself. Is able to expell evil entities from their host bodies. It can also destroy those entities that are not in possession of a host body.



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Sky-dron is normal, able to use both Light and Darkness, calling on abilities and attacks from either element.

Light Sky-dron:

Sky-dron's Pure Light Form.

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Sky-dron is a pure light elementalist in this form.

Armored/Battle Ready:

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Dark Sky-dron

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Judgement Dragon:

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Darkness Dragon:

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A dragon of darkness. Can be summoned by Sky-dron, but total control can only be achieved by Sky-dron's Inner Darkness. Cannot be summoned by Sky-dron if he is in Pure Light form.

Chaotic Fate:

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A Chaotic Summoning, as Sky-dron has yet to fully achieve full mastery or control. Has shown self awareness on occasion. Uses 6 symbols to determine outcome of summoning. A continual summon, when one effect ends, another roll is cast to determine the next effect.

Symbols effects from left to right in numeric order. Effect determined by rolling a 10-sided dice x 1 using the 'roll dice' post action. Roll will happen on posting of attempt. Rolls of 6-10 shall be treated as rolling a 1-5

Symbol 1: Opponent's spells and abilities revert to that of a new student's. Effect lasts for 3 turns/posts or until opponent rolls 1 on post action 'roll dice.' 6-sided dice to be rolled once. Effect will terminate on following turn.

Symbol 2: Elemental Switch. Elements of the combatants will switch to a random element for the remainder of the battle. This is to be determined by the order posted on page one of the thread, going from top to bottom, assigning a number to each as you go. Uses post action 'random number' to assign a number 1-10

Symbol 3: Muffled Senses. Opponent's senses of sight and hearing will be 'muffled.' Sight will be like looking through dirty glass. Hearing will be as if standing in a vortex of swirling air.

Symbol 4: 1000 Deaths Moment. Opponent will enter a hallucinatory state. Upon entering this state opponent shall expierience death 1000 times over, at the hands of whatever horrors torment said opponent. This will not kill the opponent, rather placing great mental strain upon them. One time will not kill them, excessive exposure to this might.

Symbol 5: Armageddon, Ragnarok, End of Days. Has many different names coming from many different cultures. Battlefield erupts in a massive explosion of energy, dealing excessive damage to either combatant.