Airx looked toward the sky, the Existence closing in on him from afar. Above he saw the rest of his squad, the rest of the FINALHOPE landing down around him.
Lilianne: Hawk, Fayre. Heal him quickly! We're not going to have much time.
Hawk: Hey Air, you okay?
Airx: Just a little beaten up, are you guys sure you wanna fight this one out? They have my level of power and lily's skill.
Hawk: Absolutely, it's us or them.
Airx: Right. Fayre, is everyone else is on board?
Fayre: No, not really. but Lilianne told us there isn't any strategy for them, they have too much power and skill for any of us one on one, but with all of Escalons might on our side, we might cripple them enough before the burnout suits give out to kill them.
Airx: We recovered the burnout suits?
Fayre: New ones, the cells on these are meant to power Escalon but Escalon won't exist with THEM still around, sooo we had the colony give us all the remaining energy. So it looks like you're going to be the weak kid again..

The Team activated the suits, silver energy glowing around each once with bit connected between them as they let the new heights of power sink in.

Lilianne: Focus and remember, you're not here to defeat any of them, it's kill or be killed!

Airx Repowered up to join the rest of the group.