"I was brought up a Catholic. My mom used to say, "Kevin, we all have crosses to bear, and being fat is yours." It shapes your attitude to life, defines your character. Fat made me what I am – as a person and as a film-maker. If I had been a thin kid, girls would have just landed in my lap. But fatties don't get picked first – in sport, as a boyfriend, anything. So we have to work harder and try to give something else. Some dude will put on the right clothes, put his hair back, look picture-perfect and that's his move. He walks into a room and things just come to him. When people like me walk into a room, we have to start working to win people back, because we're not the physical paradigm and girls start looking for somebody else. But if they give you enough time, and you're funny enough or clever enough or interesting enough, that's a different set of plumage you can show off."

I like this quote. It's terrific and can apply to people anywhere, fat or not.

People everywhere have burdens and setbacks, and those things make them stronger, because they learn how to deal with it. (Well, some people learn how to deal with it. Others just carry it and let it weigh them.)