"Help me! Please! Anyone!?!?" a voice cried from out in the darkness, the cold air blowing thru the woods with mud on the ground from the recent rain that had fallen just out side of the Nephillem encampment. The voice that was crying out for help was that of a neko hybrid named Vivian. She once was a lovely human being who could of had her pick of the males that she wanted to court or toy with. Sadly though at the age of 10 she was taken from those that she cared about the most. Not knowing if they are alive anymore after the raid on her city.

A radiant City filled with those that would dance, sing an enjoy the splendors of the world that was around them in harmony. At least the upper end of the city where she was raised. The other half was a dark, vile and disgusting place to be, definitely somewhere you don't want to get caught walking around in. unless you care to have your valuables ripped off of your bloody corps right after death. There is no telling what will happen on the southern most end of Saint Amber.

Vivian was enjoying herself with a few friends in a lounge for those that wanted to mingle an eat the wonderful fruits of the lower classes labor. One of the friends that she had was a young man who was the next crown prince of Titan, he was everything that Vivian could ever want in a male to take care of her young if an when she had any. He was to be hers, not by law but by the family arrangement some time ago. There had never been any problems with the two families. Both of them were fairly wealthy and could very possibly over throw the current leaders of the city. Sadly, the young male was killed from his heroism.

He had died trying to save his betrothed, the girl he had loved... Vivian. From the Nephillem who had started an attack upon the city. They felt that it was a divine right to purge the city for what it was. To make it anew home for not only themselves but for the creatures they had been housing for thousands of years. Part of which were human experiments. There had been a few more raids going on at that time, but no one knows why.... But only a certain few had been hand picked by the so called "Righteous Beings," over the millions of years. Could be the blood line or it could be for status to use over other parts of the world.

'Why me though....' the hybrid thought to herself for a moment, laying in the cold mud, feeling the vapors of mist over come her body. Her breath was slowing as her eyes began to close. Soon she would have to move an find out where she was at officailly. Using her tails as pillows, her body aches for the medications that the nephillems were using on her to keep the hybridization stable to co-exist with her mortal body. The changes were rapid. The supple tan flesh became light brown fur with tan markings, those resembling stripes.
Her newest addition to the body before she escaped was the two tails. One that looked like it was dipped in gold an the other into the pitch black of the night. Both were added to see if the balance and the body could be restored after adding genetically modified chromosomes to the mortal girl.

Vivian's hair had also changed, along with her eyes. the hair that was upon her head became lighter and fuller, more of a pain to deal with. Also her eyes became red, more of a crimson color so to say, instead of her beautiful dark brown eyes. Her mortal ears grew into a feline shape and was modified to be that of a feline too. Basically if you could combine a human and a Neko being, you have Vivian. But she also has her injection sites. 8 on the back, going down her spine and 2 on each arm and legs.

'I'm a monster, I once was the jewel of Saint Amber.... Now no one will save me nor even look at me.'
were Vivian's last thoughts as she drifted off into slumber. Never forgetting that she had to move on as soon as she could before the Nephillem figure out her whereabouts.

Then... There was a sudden sounds of a branch breaking not to far away........