My mother tells me about the dream she has about my sister. She says she should stop thinking about her. She's right...but she can't. I think about telling her my dream I had last night but I don't. It was a little more unrealistic than hers but that's all my dreams. My dreams mix reality with fantasy. As in my ex was in it but I was also riding a reindeer. The setting had no correlation to reality besides Christmas I suppose. The thing about it that bugged me though was me and my ex got back together...and we were happy.

When I woke up, I questioned why I would be dreaming about a guy who doesn't care about me. Is this my subconscious saying I want to get back together with him despite that? Well my subconscious can go f*ck itself because me and him are over.

It's easier to hate or love someone when they never talk to you. Who can say what their feelings really are toward you? Although, I generally feel if they don't talk to you then they don't care about you.

My sister never talks to my mother. It's safe to assume she doesn't care about her when ample opportunity for communication has presented itself. My mom should stop caring as well. I know I have. I think the same could be said about my ex.