Four hundred thousand years ago...They came from outer space..And gave us life here...And we are taking everything for granted,I don't think we should do this now..And when I see the smoke around,I feel like I'm not From humankind down there...I feel like glaciers are my eyes And mountains are my head...My heart is ocean..And I feel all alone,Because everybody's wrong...I feel the living,What is this thing that we call hate And that's inside of me,Get out of here!

A world is down And none can rebuild it,Disabled lands are evolving..My eyes are shut, a vision is dying...My head explodes And I fall in disgrace..

I hold my inner child within And tell him not to cry "don't fear the living"...One day you will stand as a king And no fear can erase,This light below us..

Each one of us is now engaged..This secret we all have...This truth is growing....And as a warrior I have to fight,I can already feel..The love I'll discover!

I had this dream, our planet surviving...The guiding stars always growing..And all the worlds,The fates,all the countries...They're all rebuilding at the same time..I never fell and always believed in,We could evolve and get older..Open your eyes and let all this flow,Now see a new hope is growing inside

We will see our children growing.....We will see our children growing...We will see our children growing.......We will see our children growing..WE WILL SEE!!....OUR CHILDREN GROWING!!!