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. J O U R N A L .
Random stuff~ Pictures of me, my gaia stuffs, and art work! A little ranting here or there.
Harvest Moon Original Character
First Harvest Moon OC Complete Profile
Headshot Sketch -- Full Outfit Sketch

Basic Information
Name: Raven Gahkue or Veronique Ehvood
Age: 18 or 26 range depending on the roleplay
Gender: Female
Birthday: Fall 21 or December 10th
Origin: Thick rugged forests of Canada or Russia
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian or Bisexual
Preferred Occupation?: Service or Construction Trades (ie, cook/baker, seamstress, decorator etc.)
Goals: Own a business using trade career and have a partner to run it with.
Preferred Home Location(s)?: Open meadow-like space with a forest close by, or a hilltop, or in a forest.

Physical Information
Height: 5 feet & 8 inches tall
Weight: 135 pounds - 150 pounds
Body Type: Long legs~ Round on her backside (butt) and tummy. Curvy torso and large breasts. Muscle tone in her legs, arms and shoulders.
Skin Tone: Bronze natural brown skin. Tan darker during long and sunny days.
Hair Style: Choppy, uneven and short bangs. Longer sideburns. Long and slightly wavy hair. Reaches to just below her shoulder blades.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark brown with dark green flecks around and near pupil.
Extras: Two piercings in each ear lobe flecks around and near pupil. White sear through left eyebrow. Beauty mark on the corner of her lower lip, not large but noticeable.
Appearance: Raven enjoys fashion and art, so that is reflected in her clothing style and colour of wardrobe. She is not afraid of wearing colour or patterned clothing. Usually seen with long top or oversized tees and fitted vest, short jacket or even a bolero on her shoulders and arms. A top that'll show-off or accentuate her chest and slim down her waistline silhouette. With these layered tops, she'll wear slim jeans or leggings that match, and tall boots with a hard toe.
Raven can also be wearing dresses, skirts and casual jeans and tee ensemble. Her favourite colour to wear is grey and any grey patterns. ♥
When wearing casual clothing, Raven's hair will be down and loose, and when he's dressed-up or working hard her hair will be up in a high ponytail or sloppy, yet solid single bun. She doesn't wear any makeup.

Mental Information
Attentive - Raven us quite observant and aware of her surroundings, and the people around her. Naturally polite and courteous to strangers; even more so, with people she calls her friends, being very considerate and thoughtful towards her them. Raven will care deeply and give freely to those she loves.
Spiritual - Raven is not only thoughtful of others, she's also a deep and intense thinker by showing a refinement of thought and feeling. Easily described as a scholar's mind, seeking knowledge in education or spirit in life. Blessed with an inner calm and belief that can help her stand back and make decisions objectively. Whatever goal or career in life she needs to feel like she is serving some kind of higher cause, be it educational or spiritual matters. "An Old Soul."
Mysteriously Charming - Not only because of her outward appearance, but personality as well that gives her a mysterious charming aura or presence. She is not scary of over-bearing, instead she is calm and unflinching with a warm and inviting smile. Even so, Raven is not an open book and it's hard to tell her mood and thoughts by just watching or talking with her. It takes a long and devoted friend for her to be open about herself, her past and her future aspirations.

Perfectionist - Raven has the driving energy and determination to see things through to the end. She often excels professionally, but can also work against her and exhaust everyone involved including herself. Raven will demand a high level or commitment and dedication from others as she demands from herself in teamwork settings. Being more than just demanding or completing work, the work she does along or with others needs to be perfect and beyond the given or expected standard.
Taciturn - Raven isn't shy to speak when spoken too, however she usually will not initiate conversations even among friends. She chooses to be silent not because she is timid, but because she may find it a little hard to say the right things in just the right moment. Raven likes to think before finally saying anything, choosing her words carefully rather than spontaneous conversation. This type of thinking and speech usually leaves her misunderstood by others, making her seem "stuck-up" or snobbish.
Blunt - Even though she thinks before saying or acting, Raven will "tell it, like it is". Don't ask her for her opinion unless you want a brutally honest answer and truth. She is essentially socially awkward this way and is difficult fro her to be sensitive to another's feelings. Being attentive, especially to friends, she will apologize for her rudeness when aware of her wrongdoing/saying,
Fears or Phobias:
Jellyfish of all kinds!
Fear of huge wide open spaces in the outdoors (ie, desert, tundra, sea or ocean and outer space)
Collecting Crafting supplies and materials of all kinds! ♥ (ie. scrapbooks papers, fabrics, scissors, markers, drawing pencils, ink, paint, papers, etc.)
Reading (Fantasy & Romance Novels) -- Raven loves the supernatural, sci-fi and metaphysical adventures and mysteries in novels. She'll also enjoy reading any romance novels, which are a guilty pleasure and is something she likes to keep a secret, unless she finds a friend that can relate to her fascination with deep romances and forbidden love in a fantasy setting. When she isn't already occupied with sewing she'll try her best at writing short stories inspired by her love of these books and genres.
Pumpkin Pie
Fancy, or Vibrant Fabric
Strange seafood (ie. shrimp, oysters, mussels, etc.; anything other than the usual grilled fish)
Arrogant People
Sour foods or flavours

Biography Information
Family (if any): Grandparents names John Robert (or J.R. for short) and Annie Gahkue/Ehvood.
History: As an infant, Raven rolled off a bed and scratched her eyebrow which left a lifelong scar. From birth she's lived with her grandparents and was the only child in the house. Raven knows very little about her parents, other than that they are deceased. She has wondered about them from time to time, but doesn't like to think of the what-if's in life. So she moves ahead and thinks of her future.
Having been grown up by two elders in a city, she's a bit old fashioned and developed a wise patience and calm demeanor. Raven does enjoy having fun, smiling and laughing; however, these are rare occasions for her. In terms of old fashioned, she loves clothing styles from the 50's and especially from the Victorian Era in Europe. She's also traditional with the care of a home and holidays. Raven may be old fashioned but she is not afraid of change and modern ways of thinking and doing things. In fact, her goal is to bring back century old fashion and add her own modern comfort twist to fashion and clothing styles.
School was the most difficult experience of her life and would never wish the same treatment she was shown by both students and teachers. Teased and bullied for not having a mom and dad in grade school, and a freak and too quiet in high school. With the adults in school, she found that they teased and punished her for doing things differently than everyone else with her school work. Upon graduating with decent marks, she vowed to move away and start a new life in a new town or city.
The only thing that kept her sane were her nurturing and encouraging grandparents and my love of sewing and crafting small trinkets.

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