I'm so excited. Wicked is touring, and it will be in Cincinnati during the month of March! I am so excited to be going to see it again with my three best friends! I seen it with these girls back in November 2011, and I had a phenomenal time. We did however have very bad seats. We were all the way up in the very last row the house, and in the corner. We didn't even realize that Elphaba was wearing glasses, and commented that we couldn't believe that they didn't have her wearing them, until Glinda took them off during the song Popular. This time though, we have spectacular seats! We are sitting in the orchestra, which is the very first level. We're going to be on the left side, but our seats are still fantastic. Last time, I paid over $300 for very crappy seats. (I bought them through a broker.) This time I did not make that mistake. I got the seats much cheaper and they are so much better!I am so excited to be able to see Wicked again.

Let me just say, that this girls night is very much needed. I do have occasional lunch dates with friends, but it's very hard. Many of my friends either work nights, evenings, and it's very hard for me to leave James. Especially while he Senesac. But by the time March rolls around, he will be doing pretty good we hope. So far things are going great with him, and we got word official blood test results that he engrafted! That is exactly what we needed! For the first time in over five years, since he got sick, his platelets, white blood count, and red blood count is the highest it's ever been without the use/need of transfusions!! James and I eloped on November 5 (for those who didn't know) and the next day we immediately went to the hospital so he could start his bone marrow transplant protocol. We were on vacation and spent the night in Indiana the day we married, and we went back to Cincinnati on Wednesday and drove right to the hospital. We have not spent one night together and in own home since being married. We have been living at the Hope Center, and it is been really good for us because it is saved a lot of money in gas and it is very close to the hospital. We are close though to walk there from our room. My life since getting married, and before, has constantly been cancer, aplastic anemia, illness, illness, illness. I am so happy to be able to have a night to myself. James is happy for me. There has been times when my friends have tried to set up a night so we can all go out but I always back out because I don't feel it's right for me to leave. But it's not happening this time; James refuses. I feel so blessed to have him. I am so glad to have a man who treats me the way I am I treated. I am so happy to have a man who is just so wonderful. smile

I feel so blessed today.

My dog, pumpkin, was also really sick this week. We ended up rushing her to the vet twice. She was having some really bad digestive problems. I won't go into details, but you can kind of use your imagination! It wasn't pretty, nor did it smelled very pretty! Yuck! I am very happy to say that she has turned the corner and is doing much better! She's her happy playful little self!