I'm sick of the anti-pirate circle-jerk this ******** "developer" has incurred. This game was released DRM-free which means that any copy bought and uploaded to piracy sites will work as "intended". This moron decided to upload a "cracked" and "pirated" version, in which the terms "cracked" and "pirated" are falsely used. Since this version was uploaded by the author himself, the 'cracked' (read: modded) version is legally free, because it was uploaded at the author's consent. With this in mind, he'd have a real fun time explaining to any non-corrupt courtroom how this version was "pirated".

Even his view on how piracy "destroys" developers through in-game usage is also grossly exaggerated. Not only that, but even his 'game' isn't anything worth playing, because despite how this guy's anti-piracy methods are so 'perfect' and 'infallible', not even his "fans" are willing to buy this thing, because it's nothing more than a Game Dev Story clone, and no one gives a s**t about that either, despite how much "favored" criticism his "fan-base" garners him. Everyone who sides with this 'brilliant' developer is "legally" retarded, pun intended.

You know how this guy will go out of business? It's not because of piracy, it's because he can't make a game worth s**t. It's like if Superman 64 had this 'genius' anti-piracy method. Who gives a s**t?