So, I was made to look into Flagstaff, and Show Low for possible moves, right?

In Show Low, Amerindians don't even comprise 25% of the population, despite it's in Navajo County, where three different Amerindian reservations are.
The majority is, of course, people who self-identify as white.
Uh, no, thank you. Guaranteed to have worse racial tension there than here.
There's also almost no East Asians at all (not counting western Amerindians, who are usually in denial of ever being from somewhere else before the Americas), and a TINY population. Meet a guy there, my butt! What guys? They're probably all married, and/or have kids. And, with an over 30 average age (probably years ago is when census was last done, so even older now), they're also mostly too old for me, and mostly either truly "white," or at least think they are. (No, I will not get involved with Europeans, or non-Europeans who either think they are while not, or who wish they were.)

Flagstaff... xd
Wow... It might have a lot of Asians, and lot of Amerindians... But, it is much colder than even Show Low... And, judging by the demographics, almost every single child in Flagstaff has moronic, slutty, unmarried parents.
Over a 3 person average family size (that the mother's know of, I'd wager)... But, less than three people per household on average.
That means it is Baby Daddy City, Skankville, and whatever other terms you might apply to such a Sin City.
Yeah, sounds real fun... Let's end up picking between irresponsible, loser with 1+ kids from other women #1, #2, or #3, with all three having those same problems. Totally sound like husband material, and good fathers. This is sarcasm. They're trash, as are the moms. And, with such a heavy problem, and the kids being that generation... I guarantee the kids are all garbage. Not even trash, they have to be so bad most people would actually agree with NWO wanting to mass-murder them. (That generation of kids is horrifically bad as it is. Add onto that being from a town where almost every single adult is either what you'd call a "baby-momma," or a "baby-daddy." There is no hope for Flagstaff. They're just gone. Off the cliff like the dodo birds in Ice Age.)
I will never, as long as I live, live in Flagstaff after seeing the statistics.

So, her proposed places for alternatives to Ohio, over my complaint that Ohio folks are mostly obese, "white" supremacists who would try to use, and abuse me worse than Arizona men... (Dehumanization for being a true, Asiatic Slav that proves Slavs are Asians. Dehumanized for not being a white supremacist. Dehumanized for preferring East Asian men. Dehumanized for being skinny, and attractive amidst obese people (yes, they do objectify us to the dangerous extreme of not only not seeing us as human, but not even seeing us as living things).) Are all worse than here, and just as much to be rejected as Ohio.

Then, she suggests Idaho, and tries to insist Boise, Idaho isn't so... NAZI, Germany.
No. It's exactly as bad as I thought, the same as Ohio. And, Boise has the same sluttiness extreme of Flagstaff.
How can this woman not get that everything east of Texas is NAZI, Germany demographically? (I even checked.) It's almost all "white," and "black" through most of this nation, ad people who wish to be one of the two. I won't go to those places for more than maybe a week vacation tops. Looking at demographics confirms this assumption I naturally make based off what I've seen. (It greatly explains why the racism is as it is in this country. This nation is nowhere near as diverse as claimed. And, all non-"whites" everywhere are treated like s**t.)

Seriously... If I have to move to another state... Hawaii, California, Nevada, Alaska, Washington, and Texas are apparently the best. And, I only like California in that selection.
She doesn't want to go to California because of the expenses, not seeming to know the common knowledge that California also pays better to afford the higher cost of living. The value of the dollar is literally lower in California. As to why? I have no idea. I'm going to guess they let people charge more over California being highly desired to live in, and vacation in... Then, they had to raise the minimum wages and all of that to fix the imbalance for all those folks who actually work in those businesses, who kind of sort of have to have shelter, clothes, and food. Anyways...
Seems to me I may have to say, "California, or no move. Unless you want to go to Japan? Do you want to go to Japan? If so, either Hokkaido, or Okinawa. Preferably Okinawa, because it's warmer."

"Here's Your Options:
Mid-California, especially around San Fransisco...
Southern California...

Okinawa, Japan...
Or, Hokkaido, Japan.

Otherwise, good luck trying to make me move."