I fear for my fathers death,
When you take his soul and suck it dry.
And i dont wana believe your a succubus.
But im watching you drain him right, before my eyes.
I wish I was a better man,
So I could just pass it by,
But I cant, and I wont, let this stand,
I do my best, to reprimand,
but if all fails, and that tear falls from my eye,
Just remember, that sleeping dogs, lie.
They lie. They lie.

I fear, I fear for my mothers death,
Hoping she wont die, with such a horrific,
Sense of life and why,
Do we condemn ourselves, to let ourselves wash before the tides,
Claiming her children, are nothing but heathens,
Just remember, you raise what you condemn,
We are always, what are parents our within.

So if you see, So if you see me,
Dont ask about my, Family.
So if you see me, So if you see me,
Dont ask me once, dont ask me twice,
Id rather let it float by.

I fear for my brother, watching anger swallow him whole,
No respect for eachother, watching emotions shift and pull,
I try to control myself, but this eating me whole,
And its getting harder to control,
These feelings I harbor, but I wonder why,
We hate eachother, when all we ever learned,
Was how to lie.

And I fear for my own death,
Wanna know why? Because I let this life pass me by,
True self recognition, thats a lie.
I just claim to be a better man, when Im afraid of whats inside,
I dont think self preservation, I could even learn with time,
Dependant on them for support! But what I will,
When im all alone!
I cant rely on my brother, to be given for support.
I fear for my own death, because I may just give myself,
The sword.

So if you see, So if you see me.
Dont ask bout my family,
Dont ask me once, Dont ask me twice.
I cant even control my own life.