A noraml night at work, they seem to be holding off on firing us it seems but only becasue we are threatinging to talk to Hr Dept. and higher ups over them.

I got home and well have made one friend mad because I Rped and told her I was with My Pogi (My pogi says its okay to Rp but I didnt want to make either her or My Pogi uncomfortable so I ended Rping with her for good) but it is okay now I apologized or I hope its okay and I hope she isnt to mad at me, sweatdrop

Otherwise everything here is okay, work and home so far and hope to have an interesting weekend if we go out to eat again or dont depending on our plans me and my family. emotion_hug

Still working in my Minecraft World hope to finish the additons to My Pogis house soon Hugs emotion_hug

Oh and have lost weight I know I have so I will check after work tommorrow and see how well I have done, 3nodding