Hello, I was wondering if you could do one of the characters from my writing project. I am hoping to put the drawing as the cover of my project on Wattpad. Sorry I don't have a picture for either of them as no one has drawn them for me. Feel free to ask any questions or just chat with me. I love conversations. Thank's for considering drawing my characters.

Naomi is short, around 5'1, and thin with a young small rounded face. She is 17 but looks 14 or 15. She has layered shoulder length brown hair. Brown eyes. She is wearing Leather boots with pattern sweater leggings and a grey sweater dress, and beanie cap. She has long white wings coming out from her back. Along the back of her arms are feathers protruding from below the elbow and down. There are feathers peeking out from behind her ears as well as in her hair.

Side note: Feathers cover her legs like hair normally would. If you do backgrounds of some kind she would be standing in a wooded area with a damaged church in the background.

She is tall at 5'6 with long artistic fingers and a slim waist. She has long strawberry blond hair and bright green eyes. She has high cheekbones. Her skin has a natural tan to it. She would wear an outfit similar to this.