If any of you complain about how much poetry i am posting today, i will ignore you because i am sick and i do not care at all.

I am a princess, and we do as we please.

This one is called Kisses.

And it's one of my favorites.~

I remember when I was a kid.
I looked up at the sky on the fourth of July in awe.
My eyes filled with wonder and amazement.
I loved the sparkle, the twinkle, and every large Bang.
But the part that I hated was when it would end.
I wanted it to last forever.
I wanted the sky to be lit with those wonderful colors.
And to feel the tingles that I get when I watched them.
The rush of adrenaline with every silence.
As I beg them for one more.
Just one more.

But then I met you.

That look in your eyes reminded me of that spark.
That one spark that started the thing I loved most.
You pulled me close. You kissed me.
The deepness like the bang.
The tingles returned.
Every time our lips parted was like that moment of silence.
The wait for the next one.
The sparkle. The twinkle.
I felt it all over again.
But my favorite part about it is..
It never has to end.