Little brother don't you know?
I'm your arrow, you're my bow.

I'm the fire you're the ice.
We don't always play so nice.

Someone hurts you come to me,
I'll break their face with pure sheer glee.

Let them hate and say mean things,
They'll see the wrath big sister brings.

We can fight amongst eachother,
Say mean things and punch one another.
But once you do it just you best run,
Cause the other is bound to join in on the fun.

I may tease you.. call you names,
I'm never serious, it's all just games.

You always tell me you're worthless, ugly, or you're fat.
But Jubei, you're so much more than that!

I hope your dreams all do come true,
If anyone deserves it.. It would be you.

So crazy.. You're a beautiful mess,
I'm so glad I've got to see you progress.

We're getting older now the worlds so cold,
Don't let your guard down.. Don't let your cards fold.

Never ever forget to laugh,
Or else i'll feed you to my pet giraffe.



Love yooooou!