More poetry?

I think yes!!

This is is called Swiftly And Softly.

Very depressing, so watch out.

Do you hear the screams?
The eternal hell.
She smiles a smile of a thousand suns.
Her touch is like electricity.
But speak swiftly and softly, my dear. Your words are like daggers through their fragile hearts.

Yes, no, maybe so. Mind twisting and turning, losing the battle. But it has just begun. Fall down. Wheeling.. Reeling.. Look down at those you left in the dirt. Climb the hill, my dear, then you’ll have won the war.

Look back. Look at them. Taking their last breath with no sunlight. Smile my dear, it’s the least you can do. Your past, its calling, dragging you down and back with its ragged, uneven claws. Look, look how you left them. The hill, its never ending. Speak swiftly and softly, my dear. For you are your own undoing.