MY day has been so much better me and MY Pogi have been broguth back closer together and are SO HAPPY, it is all resovled emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug

I feel much better about work and even thought I have been told I maybe fired soon it doesnt bother me as much, I know its coming and Im ready to accept it and move on to a better Job that cares for my well-being and safety over working to hard and greed, emotion_facepalm

Thanks for making my day brighter My Pogi, Hugs

Got to see our kitty before work, she sat there and titlted her head looking at me from her head leaned right and then from her head leaned left at me, and I couldnt help laugh she seemed just like a kid doing this, emotion_awesome

Otherwise at home and making headway on this new event for snowball fights! Wooooooooooooooooooooo emotion_awesome

Oh and Minecraft news, My Pogis house will soon have a patio and a swimming pool added when I get the materials to build it in, ^8^