Some people say that i choose to be gay....
Why would i choose to be gay? Why would i want to be bullyed my whole ******** life? Why would i risk the chance of my parents hating me? Why would i wanna risk loosing my best friend? Why would i want to live this ******** life? Why would i choose any of this?
You say it's a choice but please i mean would anyone willingly choose this?
I mean their are people who are proud of it and embrace it.
But what if their not... What if they are scared... What if the only reason they get out of bed sometimes is to use the bathroom...?
If it was a choice... why would anyone pick it? Why would we want to be defined as Unhuman or Unnatural?
Cause you know i just love being called these words. I love being called f**,Gay,Homo,Peter Puffer.
It's not a choice i am who i am....