You call me your friend? But when i need to talk about my problem's where are you?
You say i'm your pal.... But when i turn around you talk s**t about me...
You say were bff's..... Then why is it you only talk to me when you ******** have to?
If no one else is around and i'm the only one to talk to you. Even then you still don't.
How can you get my ******** hopes up then crush them by doing this s**t.
How can you sit there and lie in my ******** face saying were friends and you'd never do this and that to me.
How can you just turn your ******** back on me and walk away without saying 1 word.
It's hard. It's hard for me to trust people. It's hard for me to look people in the eye's when they say they wanna "Get to know me"... When "Me" is what makes you not like me.
If you're not going to be their for me and my problems threw thick and thin.
Why bother? I know i'll most likely loose more people in my life...
But i'd rather have that then you stomping my heart out.