The world is facile and decrepit.
will we ever learn from history?
A question that I don't know the answer too.
Everyday it seems we make the same mistakes and are unable to learn from them.
The human race is insane, attempting to repeat the same experiment with the same variables and expecting a different result.
We use words to communicate, and the problem with words is that they have so many different meanings and ways to be interpreted that we are often times unable to communicate. I don't just mean the communicating in the aspect of not understanding a language, but in the sense that we can't even come to understand one another.
People say that we understand each other on a daily basis, but is that true? If so then why is there a need to kill others, and a need to wage war? The answer is actually much simpler than we are led to believe. The simple fact of the matter is that if we could evolve to a point where we could understand one another beyond the point of having to use words there would be no reason for war, killing, murder.

The universe is big, so big that we can't even comprehend just how massive it is. we can only come up with theories on what we think the size of it is. What if the truth was that our universe was only just one of many that make up of a system so much larger than us that we could never be able to comprehend it? I don't pretend to be a religious person nor do I believe that religion is a good thing. Sure there are aspects of religion that are good, but a majority of religion regardless of what it's followings are or what rules it teaches about life, it is simply another tool created by man to manipulate the masses into getting them to do what you want. You can feel free to disagree with me but this is how I feel about it.

The interesting thing about us as humans, is that we have strong will, and with it we can accomplish pretty much anything. Our efforts I feel are wasted on meaningless bull crap that has no overall effect on our future other than our immediate future. The fact of the matter is that we continuously screw the future generation, because the only thing we care about is ourselves. I don't care how good of a person you are, ultimately you are only looking out for yourself, which to say isn't a bad thing because if you don't look out for you then who will? We as humans are selfish and you can be the most selfless person on the earth and still you won't manage to accomplish much because unfortunately we live in a world where only the strong can survive. This is a law that has superseded even the existence of humanity itself, and is seen in nature on a daily basis.

I don't know if we will ever learn from our mistakes but I hope that for the future generation we do. What is the answer to bringing this all about? What could cause this great change? I don't know, but it is an answer that I have been searching for since about 3 years ago.

I was born on January 9th of the year 1989. My parents separated/Divorced when I was only 2 years old. Over the last 24 years of my life, I have always been known as the recluse or the weird kid. I was always good at making friends, and still am. I grew up under two different house holds and followed two sets of rules, my mothers and then my fathers, but I feel like I didn't really get a chance to learn much about the world around me. Mostly because I was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) since before I had even started elementary school. As such I was on medication for much of my school life. My mind state was altered because of the drugs and I did as I was told because I was scared of my father a Vietnam veteran.

I stopped taking the medication during my junior year of high school and I can honestly say that it was the first time that I felt brave enough not only to make my own decisions; It felt like I was actually living my life for the first time, and every experience was new and fascinating.

I joined the military shortly after turning 21 and I immersed myself into the world. Even though I didn't really get to travel the world much, and I only served for 2 years, it helped me to find myself as a human being. At 24 years of age and getting ready to be 25. I feel that I don't like where the world is headed, but find myself lost in thought and distracting myself from the reality as I try to figure out how to change it. People often say that changing the world is easy, but it isn't. There are too many people who have way too different opinions and that will never see eye to eye. So I continue to ponder, and distract myself with things that many other people take for granted or that they see as meaningless. For example I tend to watch allot of anime and read allot of manga/manwa. While yes, it is true that they are just stories that have no real impact on what is happening in real life. It is the hidden meaning that the stories tell that we should be paying attention too. Yes, anime is basically a cartoon but allot of them if not all of them exemplify and show many of the various issues we run into today and also present great ideals that we could stand to learn from. Also I realize that while ideals are great a person cannot simply live by ideals alone, if anything can be said as a good point; the very fact that we can learn from them whether the situation be fictional or real, is still something that deserves acknowledgement. Knowledge is power; power corrupts. Your better off learning everything you can, because knowledge is priceless. That and the fact that power corrupts, only applies to those with power. Power being a interchangeable word as anything can be twisted into saying that someone has power and that they are corrupt.

My Hope by writing this isn't that you look at it and then simply shove it aside. This is something that I think everyone should be thinking about and discussing. You don't have to give a biography like I did. That was just to tell you what I have been through in my life, and only a fraction at that. Everyone has their own experiences and opinions. For that very reason we should at least try to come to an understanding with one another and see what we can accomplish.
I also realize that anyone can read this and just see it as a way for me to manipulate people. I won't deny that fact. I am trying to manipulate people into thinking for yourself, making your own opinions, and learning so as to help get us closer to a goal where we won't need to fight (the very fact I'm saying this is out of character for me because I love fighting) to end war and allow us to move into the future and evolve to something greater than ourselves.

I hope that with this at the very least I have started to get those rusty gears grinding that we all like to call brains. so as to bring intelligent information to the table...