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This is where I'm putting my writings while my regular account is still down -.-
The Beauty And The Tragedy Part Ten
Chapter Ten: March 27, 1857

Eva stayed with Eli for the rest of the afternoon watching him work and she asked him about what he was doing and he explained all of it. She knew Claire would be coming soon to take her back home and she kept looking at the door every time she heard footsteps go by. Eli watched her fidget and bunch her dress up in her hands and he finally stopped working and sat down next to her.

“I don’t want to leave,” Eva said, “I didn’t realize how much I hated being home until I came into town for the first time. My brother is really the only person I can tolerate at home. And he’s been spending so much time with Claire now.”

“It seems us peasants enjoy our lives more than you wealthy people do,” Eli chuckled, “You don’t have to stay there you know.”

“Well then I would be homeless,” Eva said. Eli leaned back in his seat and rubbed his stubbly chin and after he thought about it for a minute he snapped his fingers with a big grin on his face, “You could work for me!”

Eva leaned over to look at Eli’s work area and frowned, “I don’t know how any of that works. I think I would do more harm than good.”

“I was going to say you would be more of an assistant,” Eli said, “But the idea of teaching you to do what I do would be very nice. I would get to sleep longer in the morning!”

“Don’t say such silly things!” Eva exclaimed, her annoyed tone making Eli burst out laughing. Eva tried to resist but his laughter made her start giggling along with him and she turned away so he wouldn’t see her smile.

Claire was making her way back to Eli’s shop to take Eva back home. She obviously didn’t want to separate Eva and Eli, since the two of them showed interest in each other but she knew if she and Eva were gone any longer, Eva’s family would be worried. She had just made it to Eli’s shop when she heard a familiar voice, “Claire! What are you doing here?”

Claire turned around quickly and kept her back to the door. Benjamin was stepping out of his carriage. Springtime had just barely begun and the weather hadn’t warmed up yet and Benjamin shivered as a cold breeze flew by, “Eva and I separated momentarily and I was looking for her.”

“You lost her?!” Benjamin exclaimed and Claire flinched at the volume in his voice. She was slowly getting used to Benjamin but she wasn’t able to trust him completely just yet and she wasn’t used to hearing him speak like that. Benjamin immediately calmed down and his voice softened, “I’ll help you look then.”

“No, no! It’s fine!” Claire said, “I was just about to come in here to ask the blacksmith if he’s seen her.”

Ignoring her, Benjamin walked up to the door but Claire kept herself up against it so he couldn’t open it, “Claire, are you hiding something from me? Is Eva in there?”

“Why would she be?” Claire reached for Benjamin and started nudging him back towards his carriage, “Now go on. I’ll return with Eva shortly.”

Benjamin let her lead him away from the door until she was far enough away from it that he could easily move away from her. He threw open the door and found Eva and who he assumed to be the blacksmith sitting next to each other on his workbench. They weren’t necessarily doing anything other than talking but Benjamin didn’t like how close they were to each other. As soon as Eli saw Benjamin, he pushed himself off the bench and stood as far away from Eva as he could, “Mr. Weston! I-I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I didn’t think you would,” Benjamin said sharply, keeping his eyes on Eva. Eva didn’t look away in shame and didn’t seem embarrassed at all. She met his gaze head on, “Eva, it’s time to leave. Father and Emma were starting to worry.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Eva mumbled but she stood up anyway and left the shop. Claire grabbed her arm before she could get to the carriage, “I didn’t know he would come into town! I tried to get him to leave. I’m so sorry!”

Eva smiled, putting her hand over Claire’s, “It’s alright. I don’t blame you. Thank you for bringing me here.”

Claire nodded but the guilt still bothered her and she let go of Eva and waved to her as she got into the carriage. She turned around and Benjamin was standing beside her with his arms crossed, raising an eyebrow, “You snuck her here? To see the blacksmith? I don’t understand.”

“Well, they seem to be interested in each other and so I decided to help them,” Claire explained, “This is really no different than you purchasing my time.”

“This is different Claire,” Benjamin said, lowering his voice so Eva wouldn’t hear, “I didn’t sneak away to be alone with you Claire.”

Claire didn’t respond right away. She looked down at the ground and finally said in a small voice, “How is it that I’m good enough but Eli isn’t? I’m a fallen woman Benjamin. I’m not good for much. I am paid to allow men to have their way with me. Eli does good things. He’s a good person. I am not.”

Before Benjamin could say anything, she turned and walked away, ignoring him when he called her name. He gave up after awhile and finally joined Eva in the carriage. Eva had her arms crossed and was staring out the window, refusing to even acknowledge his presence.

“Eva, you have to understand,” he said.

“Quite frankly, I don’t understand,” Eva snapped, “I don’t understand why Claire, who is I would assume in the same class as Eli and yet you are allowed to bring her home and Emma loves her. And when I ask about marrying outside of our class, I get scolded.”

“What makes you think I intend to marry Claire?” Benjamin asked, surprised that those words came out of his mouth, “Maybe she is just a friend. I am allowed to have friends Eva.”

“You know what I mean Benjamin,” she grumbled, “I don’t think it’s fair!”

“Well life isn’t fair Eva!” Benjamin shot back, “Whether we like it or not, there are sacrifices we must make in order to keep my father and your mother’s reputation intact. Emma may be kind to Claire, but you know your mother isn’t the kind to be rude to a guest. She could be saying horrible things about Claire as we speak. She will introduce us to people and expect us to be engaged the next day. We won’t like it. But unfortunately, we don’t have to luxury to be able to love freely.”

“So, the one luxury I want I can’t have,” Eva sighed and leaned against the seat.

“Yes,” Benjamin said, sighing with her and looking out the window at the town they were now leaving. He wanted to go after Claire but he didn’t think there would be a chance for the two of them now. Claire may have been right. Maybe Benjamin should’ve left Eva and Eli alone. He hadn’t realized how much watching Claire walk away with those sad eyes would hurt him. He hadn’t realized how much he hated it when Claire wasn’t with him. And suddenly he understood where Eva was coming from. But he also knew life would be difficult for the both of them if they did the opposite of what Emma and Robert wanted. They would lose everything. But somehow, that didn’t seem so scary to him anymore.

Hopefully my regular account will be back up soon because this suuuuuuucks hahaha! Anywayyyyyyys, I think I got myself stuck here. Goddammit I'm dumb sometimes hahaha!

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