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Back in the Kingdom of Rahn, Princess Sariah worked hard at her studies and athletic abilities to match her older sister. Over a month she improved in cooking, cleaning, academics, and athletic ability, plus social skills. Girls and Boys surrounded Princess Sariah everywhere she went.
King Carlos and Queen Marie were worried about Princess Sariah, she was trying over exesivly hard to match up with her sister, or become even better. Princess Sariah loved her sister very much, but she wanted to be the most loved between the 2 of the sisters.
I will gain all of their love. Princess Sariah said. All of the sudden Prince Ryan walked in, a prince from her academy for royals. Prince Ryan was very handsome and loving, he was a cool attituded, and honest, loyal, hardworking, and nice. With Prince Antonio gone he was #1 and he couldn't be happier, but he only cared about his popularity position, he absoulutly hated dealing with people, especially fan girls. Princess Sariah used to love Prince Ryan until she found out his horrible secret, he had forced a 1 month affair with the Queen, and Princess Sariah's aunt. Prince Ryan had a partner in crime, his name was Prince Tom. Tom was just as cruel if he wanted to be, otherwise he had a cool personality that told people, it isn't his problem.
Prince Tom loved Princess Marina and he knew very well that Princess Annabelle pushed Marina down the rabbit or elephant hole.
Prince Ryan leaned over to Princess Sariah.....
W-What... Princess Sariah started, then Prince Ryan kissed her.
That's when Princess Marina barged in. Princess Sariah and Prince Ryan gasped.
S-Sister! Princess Sariah said shocked.
H-How did you get back? Princess Sariah continued on.
I... had to climb up through the rabbit hole, Princess Annabelle will be put to death for shovign the princess of the kingdom down a rabbit hole. Prince Antonio died by being raped and murdered... I miss him so much, but that isn't the problem right now. Princess Marina said.
I will be put back on my Princess duties and claim my title once again. Princess Marina said dutifully. All of the sudden Queen Marie and King Carlos barged in the room, and glomped Princess Marina up.
Oh my daughter my daughter. They said sobbing and hugging Marina. They walked out with Marina talking and sobbing at the same time. Princess Sariah and Prince Ryan remained in the room. Princess Sariah clenched her fist so tightly her hands bled. Prince Ryan began to notice and asked.
Is something wrong? Isn't it good your sister is back. He asked. Princess Saraih put on a fake smile and looked up at Ryan.
Yes, that is very good, you may leave now Prince Ryan I will see you tomarrow in school. Princess Sariah said. Prince Ryan left the room saying goodnight.
Princess Sariah opened a desk drawer and pulled out a picture of Princess Marina and herself smiling. She also pulled out a dagger and stabbed Marina's face.
I should be the one with the crown, not you. You should have never come back. Princess Sariah said. Just then Princess Annabelle walked in. Princess Sariah glared at her.
What. Sariah said sharply.
Y-Your highness Princess Marina is back. Annabelle said.
Duh, your not getting even half your pay, she should have never come back, I've been her shadow for 16 years, I've hated every bit of it. Putting on an act while I'm with her makes me sick. I hate her guts. I will triple your pay if you murder Princess Marina. Sariah said.
M-Murder!??! Princess Annabelle gasped.
I-I couldn't do such a thing, I mean Princess Sariah, if I were caught i'd be hung. Annabelle said.
Then figure out something to get rid of Marina. It's time she know's that her little sister is in charge now. Princess Sariah said.
Get out. Princess Sariah said.
yes your highness. Annabelle said.

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