sometimes i wonder why i eveb try. When everything fades to.lies. I cant stand the person that i see. The face in the mirror was never supposed I gave up.on so.much to see this through. And i swear i dont regret staying close to you. But at the end of the day i still want to know. What happened to the me that had a chance at hope. At some point i just stopped, gave up on being me. I chose instead, to be the things i knew you needed to.see. I.cant remember what its like, mysel f, to live a life. And all my friends have left me now, and faced with my biggest trial. My one regret, at the end of it all, is i dont remember myself at all.

For years i have stood by your side, i have changed everything about myself. My morals, my ideals, my entire way of thinking, so that one day we could be happy. Now i realize, far too late, that what i've done cannot be reversed, and that by doing this, i have forgotten what it means to be happy.