My Name is Roken Takura. I'm 17 years old. This is my first journal, and I don't like writing that much... But master Kashiku said it's "healthy" to record important events of your life in these. He says, "They can provide immeasurable assistance in future decisions." His words exactly, being his pupil I'm in no position to disagree with, or refuse, his lesson. So I figured I would record my thoughts on getting a gift that helps me record things... Soinaru and Nami (my group mates) also received journals. I wonder what that creep Soinaru is writing about, probably something to do with tricking me later, or trying to hit on Nami... The b*****d... Maybe I'll sneak into his room later and take a look... an unintentional lesson by master, now I will be able to see into my groups thoughts! gaia_angelleft