It was a boring day, I got up late and took a bath and went out directly to eat with my Parents for a meal with them, and did some light Christmas Shopping as well my Dad did too while we were out, 3nodding

I got home and met our new kitty, her name is "Chrissy" shortened for Christmas, she is calico and black and orange and she has no tail she was born without it, she is somewhat timid but loving kitty and gets along okay with our other older kitty now, 3nodding

Otherwise , in Minecraft new I finished MY POGI'S HOUSE, and it is all furnished and set up other than the guestroom and putting up some lighting (Torches) and now Ill go back to working on my Library as I am still gathering materials for it. 3nodding

I have lost a little weight around close to 5 pounds I think I am going to work on continuing that trend and losing some more. Hugs (Still drinking water and as well eating fruits too. )