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To the pages!
My notes thus far for the new co-written sci-fi story...
I know I said we didn't need biographies buuuut....My thoughts started getting all cluttered, and I knew I had to write down some things before I forgot them. Specifically all the sciency stuff towards the end. Anyway, enjoy!

A.T.L.A.S. - A group of people who came from the same military facility that is a lot like Reach from the Halo series. However, the children that went there were anywhere between six to seven years apart in age. A.T.L.A.S was a government-run project by humans, but was forced to be scrapped because the Council (which is composed of aliens) deemed the project was inhuman. Thus termination was ordered, and Aoi Squad has been trying to keep their members alive and even taking in any survivors they come across.

Ulyssus S. Stevens 'Steve' - He's the comedic relief. He's average as average can be--however he is talented at times/super smart in specific situations. (More or less, the equivalent to Caboose). Mickey is his 'best buddy.'

Michael 'Mickey' Alderson - A down-to-earth guy for the most part. He tends to have crazy schemes and ideas that normally people wouldn't listen to, but the other members of his squad still follow his lead because he is charismatic enough for his plans to sound reasonable. Emily is the only one smart enough to think a few steps ahead of Mickey's 'Dare Devil' plans. Sometimes his schemes work, sometimes they don't.

Emily 'Little Sister' Story - A mute sniper with red hair. She seems a little out of touch with reality most of the time, but she tends to show signs of extreme intelligence. If it weren't for her condition, she would've been assigned to a more elite squad. Jacob has a soft spot for her because she's the youngest member of the group and besides himself, was the one most affected by the termination of A.T.L.A.S.

Jacob A. Wilson - Oldest member of the team. He's a real a*****e. Like Micky, he is a racist because of the termination of A.T.L.A.S. by alien military forces. He also has trouble with authority. The only one he listens to is Mickey because Mickey is the leader of the squad on paper before the termination of A.T.L.A.S. was issued. He's a nostalgic guy and has a soft spot for children. Most of his bad attitude problems stem from the fact that he is about 60 percent cyborg. He lost his right leg, right hand, lower jaw, and right eye during the termination of A.T.L.A.S. These have been replaced with mechanical parts.

Montana 'Ana' - Originally from Akai squad. Ana is a tank. She is super strong and likes to pick fights with the guys (Jacob might call her a 'dike'). Even so, she doesn't have as bad of a temper as Jacob; in fact, she'd be the first to throw herself into the line of fire to protect her squad mates. No one knows if Montana is her real last name, nor do they know her first name.

The Aliens-
Ti' Tzen - A bi-pedal race with double-jointed legs (think Quarian or Turian). In oxygen-rich environments, Ti' Tzen wear a helmet, full-body suit, and carry a tank on their back to breathe in a nitrogen-ammonia compound gas. The suit is regulated to a very low temperature (specifically between -75 to -60 degrees Celsius, otherwise they would burn-alive at 0 Celsius). Because direct exposure to oxygen is extremely violent Ti' Tzen are not a very common sight, and their body suits are usually armor plated and cool to the touch. Oddly enough, Ti' Tzen's have the technology to make their body suits extremely lightweight and resilient--therefore, they aren't as bulky and massive as one would expect. They tend to eat and drink using packs or cans that they can hook up to a vacuum tube. Waste is disposed of with a different set of tubes...

Razar - He got arrested for attempting to hot-wire an extremely expensive gravity repulsion car, but Steve ends up breaking him out. In terms of height, he is the shortest person/alien that I'll be writing about. He's about 5 feet, but slim in appearance. He likes vehicles and anything else that moves fast, this is because ever since he left his home on Titan he was living with a gang that made money from illegal racing in the slums. He was a good racer, which made him infamous with the law. In our rpg, I'd like him to be the shuttle driver (like the gay guy on ME3 who picks you up and drops you off at your destination.) The thing you don't know about Razar is that he was a rich boy back home on Titan, but he got tired of living up to his parents expectations, so he left for a life of crime.

Xalus - Silicon-based life-forms that have ash-grey skin. Strangely enough, they breathe oxygen--meaning that they exhale, 'silicon dioxide' which is a solid. Because of this, their lungs have developed specially to allow immediate exhale through the gill-like slits in their back. The thin dust that is exhaled from their bodies tends to glitter in the air, and in societies where Xalus live with other alien races, it is considered impolite and disgusting to expose the back. These people tend to wear thin material shirts that catch the dust and collect it at the bottom of the shirt, but yet still thin enough for the Xalus to breathe. As is obvious, Xalus don't have a nose. Also, their skin tends to have streaks of bright color where their veins are.

Niea - (Ni-A-yah) A Xalus from a planet that was experiencing extreme climate changes. Her planet started out dry and arid, but over time, as the Xalus started becoming more technologically advanced, they ended up putting too much carbon in the air and melted the ice caps. Currently there are only a few islands large enough to support life on land. Most Xalus either live on ships at sea or on space stations orbiting the planet. Because of this, most Xalus are good with any kind of tech. They can repair broken-down ships, computers, etc. Niea's family has been experimenting with ways to restore the planet back to the way it was roughly four centuries prior to the Xalus destroying the planet's atmosphere and disrupting the climate. Niea is ever curious, and is currently looking for ways beyond the scope of conventional means to help her parents terraform the home world. She is very dedicated to her people reclaiming the planet in its full glory, but she is also homesick.

Sevita Rhys
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Sevita Rhys
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