UrbanGeek's Relentless Quest for 1 Million Gold!

I logged in to Gaia today, and for the first time, I noticed how everything revolves around Gaia Cash. Everywhere I go on Gaia, there's something begging me to "Buy This New Cash Item" or "Visit the Cash Shop Now!". It hasn't always been like this. In fact, it's only recently, like within the past year or so, been this way. And in protest of this ridiculous goal to turn all Gaians into cash cows, I'm questing for 1 million gold. And I'm doing it the old fashion way: selling fish on the marketplace. I'm not really looking for donations, I don't think that's relevant to the point I'm trying to make. However, I do encourage others to partake in raising their own 1,000,000 Gold in protest of the Cash-Overtake of our once-beloved Gaia. Thank you.

Date, Time, Gold Amount:

12/14/13, 5:04pm
12/14/13, 10:13pm
12/14/13, 11:34pm
12/15/13, 12:50am
12/15/13, 3:33pm