Last night I spent my free time puking in the bathroom. I think I ate something bad. The headache that comes before it stuck around this morning until I ate something. I don't know whether I am eating too much or too little because my memory is on the fritz. I spent my day yesterday running errands. I had to mail back textbooks, return a book to my teacher, mail a letter, and then buy groceries for my and my brother since there was nothing to eat in the house. Then when I got home, my Dad wanted help with dinner but by that he meant that he wanted ME to cook dinner. So, I went to the store again to buy dinner groceries and when I got home to make it, I didn't know how to make it. I forgot to buy something so had to bug my mom, for whom it was her day off from kitchen stuff, and I ended up messing up the recipe. Mom flipped out on me and I flipped out by going to my room. Big mess. Dinner turned out fine. Dad got in trouble. Mom and I reconciled. Afterwards I watched a movie with my Dad, Red 2, and it was pretty good. I mean, it was action packed and kind of cute but not an amazing movie. The first was better but they were both good. After that the headache was really on and I was forced to lay down, curled up with some water. I watched Kings of Summer but ended up pausing parts so that I could vomit. That was my night.

This morning I watched Mortal Instruments, which was laughable. Oh gods, they make your stomach twist and turn with drama but there are other parts when they are all serious like twilight and it just makes you laugh XDD I am at work and watched the movie while I was here, just to show you how empty it has been. I plan to rewatch Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo as well while I am at work. I am kinda taking an unofficial breather from all things roleplay. I need to post and mod and stuff but I also need to reconnect with me. I just got out of school and all that stress. Somehow, I need to pick up my life from the pieces it has fallen into. I don't know how I did in my classes but I can see my finals. Eh eh eh XDDD I think I got all C's, which is really good considering they ******** me over when I had my breakdown, WHICH BTW there were resource NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT that I could have gotten help! I might even manage to pull off a B in my structures class is I'm SUPER ******** lucky... which I'm probably not. Hey, I'm fine with C's for coming out of suicide to school right away. I might need to rub that in my parents' faces if they hassle me about the grades... and they probably will, knowing them.