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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Daily Chance Items (Item List)
Daily Chance
Amethyst Princess Gown
Arctic White Hunter's Hoodie
Black and Gold Edwardian Children's Loafers
Black Panda Ball Plush
Black Simian Body Hair
Black Simian Tail
Black Simian Wig
Blonde Simian Body Hair
Blonde Simian Tail

Black Space Girl Transparent Skirt
Blood Knight Helmet
Blue Babydoll Shoes
Blue Baby's Breath Bow
Blue Bedouin Skirt
Blue Gingham Swing Dress

Blue Mama Ducky Apron
Blue Paint Tiki Mask
Blue Space Girl Transparent Skirt
Brennivin's Underwear
Brown Simian Body Hair
Brown Simian Tail
Brown Simian Wig
Buccaneer Leather Pirate Coat
Buccaneer Maroon Pirate Coat
Buccaneer Midnight Pirate Coat
Buccaneer Royal Pirate Coat
Buccaneer Sargassum Pirate Coat
Buccaneer Silver Pirate Coat
Buccaneer Tyrian Pirate Coat
Buccaneer's Bronze Pistolshiv
Buccaneer's Copper Pistolshiv
Buccaneer's Gold Pistolshiv
Buccaneer's Silver Pistolshiv
Buccaneer's Steel Pistolshiv
Burning Book
Burning Pile of Summer Tops

Classic Black Bowling Ball
Classic Blue Bowling Ball
Classic Green Bowling Ball
Classic Orange Bowling Ball
Crimson Red Hunter's Hoodie

Creamy Froufrou Leggings
Dine and Dash Buttered Toast
Dine and Dash Grape Jelly Toast
Dine and Dash Strawberry Jelly Toast

Edmund's Underwear
Emerald Princess Gown
Forest Green Hunter's Hoodie
Gino's Underwear
Glittering Coal Carnival Beret
Glittering Coal Carnival Boots
Glittering Coal Carnival Skirt
Glittering Coal Carnival Top
Glittering Grape Carnival Beret
Glittering Grape Carnival Boots
Glittering Grape Carnival Skirt
Glittering Grape Carnival Top
Glittering Ice Carnival Beret
Glittering Ice Carnival Boots
Glittering Ice Carnival Skirt
Glittering Ice Carnival Top
Glittering Mango Carnival Beret
Glittering Mango Carnival Boots
Glittering Mango Carnival Skirt
Glittering Mango Carnival Top
Glittering Pink Carnival Beret
Glittering Pink Carnival Boots
Glittering Pink Carnival Skirt
Glittering Pink Carnival Top
Glittering Teal Carnival Beret
Glittering Teal Carnival Boots
Glittering Teal Carnival Skirt
Glittering Teal Carnival Top

Gray Hamster Ball Plush
Gray Simian Body Hair
Gray Simian Tail
Gray Simian Wig
Green Edwardian Children's Coat
Green Edwardian Children's Loafers
Green Edwardian Children's Trousers
Green Paint Tiki Mask
Green Space Girl Transparent Skirt

Ian's Underwear
Josie's Underwear

Langer the Dragon Plush
Liam's Underwear
Little Wild King
Louie's Underwear
Lunaire's Polearm

Magenta Bedouin Skirt
Maroon Froufrou Leggings
Michael's Memory
Millennium Director
Moira's Underwear

New Age Remembrance
Nicolae's Underwear

Orange Babydoll Shoes
Orange Baby's Breath Bow
Orange Bedouin Skirt
Orange Bedouin Tunic
Overseer's Underwear

Pink Babydoll Shoes
Pink Baby's Breath Bow
Pink Edwardian Children's Coat
Pink Edwardian Children's Loafers
Pink Edwardian Children's Trousers

Pink Mama Ducky Apron
Pink Panda Ball Plush
Pink Space Girl Transparent Skirt
Purple Babydoll Gloves
Purple Babydoll Shoes
Purple Babydoll Socks
Purple Babydoll Tunic
Purple Baby's Breath Bow
Purple Paint Tiki Mask

Purple Panda Ball Plush
Purple Space Girl Transparent Skirt
Rainbow Scarf
Red Babydoll Gloves
Red Babydoll Socks
Red Babydoll Tunic
RIP Conan
Red Gingham Swing Dress
Red Simian Wig
Red Simian Body Hair
Red Simian Tail
Red Paint Tiki Mask

Ruby's Underwear
Sam's Underwear
Sasha's Underwear
Sen's Underwear
Simian Ears (tone a)
Simian Ears (tone b)
Simian Ears (tone c)
Simian Ears (tone d)
Simian Ears (tone e)
Simian Ears (tone f)
Simian Facial Prosthetic (tone a)
Simian Facial Prosthetic (tone b)
Simian Facial Prosthetic (tone c)
Simian Facial Prosthetic (tone d)
Simian Facial Prosthetic (tone e)
Simian Facial Prosthetic (tone f)
Simian Feet (tone a)
Simian Feet (tone b)
Simian Feet (tone c)
Simian Feet (tone d)
Simian Feet (tone e)
Simian Feet (tone f)
Skittles Crazy Cores Facepaint
Skittles Crazy Core Facepaint (mango peach)
Skittles Crazy Core Facepaint (melon berry)
Skittles Crazy Cores Necklace
Skittles Crazy Core Necklace (melon berry)
Sooty Froufrou Leggings
Spartan Gloves
Spartan Sandals
Sunny Gingham Swing Dress

Valentine Hearts
Vanessa's Underwear
White Babydoll Gloves
White Babydoll Socks
White Babydoll Tunic
White Paint Tiki Mask
White Simian Body Hair
White Simian Tail
White Simian Wig
White Space Girl Transparent Skirt

Yellow Babydoll Gloves
Yellow Babydoll Socks
Yellow Babydoll Tunic
Yellow Edwardian Children's Coat
Yellow Edwardian Children's Trousers

Yellow Hamster Ball Plush
Yellow Mama Ducky Apron
Yellow Space Girl Transparent Skirt
Zhivago's Underwear

Gaia iOS App
Black GPhone
Classic Red Bowling Bag
Classic Red Bowling Ball
Classic Red Bowling Shirt
Classic Red Bowling Shoes
Classic Purple Bowling Bag
Classic Purple Bowling Ball
Classic Purple Bowling Shirt
Classic Purple Bowling Shoes
Classic White Bowling Bag
Classic White Bowling Ball
Classic White Bowling Shirt
Classic White Bowling Shoes
Classic Yellow Bowling Bag
Classic Yellow Bowling Ball
Classic Yellow Bowling Shirt
Classic Yellow Bowling Shoes
Rockin' Blue Bowling Shirt
Rockin' Green Bowling Shirt
Rockin' Red Bowling Shirt
Rockin' Salmon Bowling Shirt
White GPhone

FoxDemonAreiku V2
Community Member
FoxDemonAreiku V2
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