I think I might go to some shows.
******** the holidays give me heavy metal.
Give me an excess of mosh pits alcohol and drugs.
Of course I'm just angry.
I mean I guess I always am.
I have this intense pain behind my left eye.
I absolutely refuse to go to the hospital.
My left eye bled a lot yesterday and I lost vision for awhile.
Bright side, I slept!
I refuse to go to the hospital.
What if I have ocular cancer or some s**t?
That would suck balls.
With my luck I wouldn't be surprised.
I hope it kills me.
I've got ten minutes before Alex and his friend gets here.
Then about two hours before Jason gets here.
Fighting drinking and then running.
I hope I get hit by a car.
My upper back is bruised.
I got tackled to the ground.
I am made to collapse.
Next stop heroin train.
Feeling it enter my veins.
Feeling it enter my brain.
Only joking sorta.
It was a dream.
It felt like speed, but kinda better.
It was way more addicting though.
Oh dear there I go again.
I wouldn't really say I'm addicted to anything.
Well maybe cigarettes and alcohol.
Though I haven't smoked in forever.
At least it feels that way.
It has been a while though.
A month or two now??
I don't know.
I'm bad at date keeping.
I just dropped a glass.
The noise is ringing in my ear.
Speaking of noise I think I'm losing my hearing.
About time, but yeah I hear ringing more often.
My ears feel like they're hearing less?
Hard to explain, I guess the best way is it feels like I'm wearing headphones.
Even when I'm not so it's kinda hard to hear.
Only now it isn't because of s**t in my head, it's real.
At least I think it is?
"Get so ******** dark in here
come come ******** apart in here
I die in the process
you die in the process"

"My life is forfeit".
"We will serve you and in return give us the power of the dark gods!"
"It goes It goes It goes It goes It goes It goes It goes It goes It goes It goes It goes It goes"

Where is this from?
"So it goes"
Some guy said aliens said it?
"So it goes"
Like whenever somebody dies?
"So it goes"
Because they go to a different dimension or something?
" So it goes"
Some book I read.
"So it goes"
I don't think I ever finished it?
"So it goes"
I don't know.
"So it goes"