Name: rye lokohin
Age: 15
Arcana: fool (wild card)
Weapon: any weapon. he mixes it up with using his personas.


History:Rye is an american whose the eldest out of 6 kids. his childhood was horrible, getting picked on, ignored by his teachers, forgotten by his mom and dad, he had to deal with bullies who saw him as prey, when rye was a teen, he helped a classmate who was trying to kill her self, he convince her by being a fool, trying to get her to laugh at him. when rye got into high school he got into the foreign exchange program, the exchange family is in Harakawa. rye arrives just time for the troubles to start
Personality: rye is a day dreamer, often spending time with his head in the clouds, he's a good nature guy who'll follow the rules as long as it's good for everyone. he'll joke, laugh, and will listen to your problems. he'll go out his way to help someone, but if you hurt them

Persona: Zero
Persona Description:User Image, the jester parts are motley colored, the knights armor is bland. the whole color scheme is out of place and weird. the long coat is weathered and torn.
zero represents, rye's des
Strengths and Weaknesses: [The possible elements are Physical, Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Light, Darkness, and Almighty. You should have at least one weakness. You need one weakness for every element you are strong against, and two for everything you absorb or block. You may only block or absorb one element, and you can only block OR absorb an element. You can't block or absorb Almighty.]
Skill set: [Pick eight skills that your Persona will have over the course of the game. Keep in mind that you will start out only being able to use your first two, and you will unlock the others by using your Persona in battles. Be fair with your selections! Your early attacks are not going to be amazing kick-butt multihit skills.]

Shadow Description: [Describe your character's Shadow here- what kind of issues they'll bring up, and what their berserk/monster form will look like. Also, please describe what the "Shadow Zone" they'll create will be (that is, what "dungeon" will it make).]]