Opener: This is the obvious post. Same with Rules. Except it's going to include something like this:
"NOTE: This is NOT a regular contest in any way. Again, NOT a regular contest! you may come and go as you please, and not be penalized, unlike in a REGULAR CONTEST where you get the boot for disappearing for a round. This is NOT a regular contest where your worst score will get you sent home; here you can get a -62435754.4543543543438/10 and all we'll do is simply tell you "hey friend! It's alright! Simply try again next round biggrin No harm in doing so!" Because we're awesome, unlike REGULAR CONTESTS emotion_donotwant

So, we're NOT a regular contest. NOT. AT. ALL. So don't be afraid; come on in and participate!"

Rules: All the basic rules for the contest. I'm going to add them here over time so I don't have to worry about making them up on the spot. Dream free and Regular avatars will be welcome.

Judges: Interesting thing about judges, is that not only will they all have the same rubric, but one will also specialize in a certain category. Say one is focused on the face and make-up, while another is on color. The rubric will be judged with, and then the last category before the total will be their specialty. Another detail will be that the judging will be scored blind. What that means is that you will not see your scores on each round until the very end, however you will see comments each round to help you grow and let you know what was good and what was bad.

The other thing is you won't know which judge is which while the contest goes on. There will be tektek's of the characters, and their names, but the identities of the person will not be revealed until either the very end, or when that person can not judge anymore, and must leave. Or maybe I won't, and I'll let them come back at any time. OR I CAN LET THEM ALTERNATE. Yes, let's do that.

Judges may also get rewards and stuff. Not sure yet. I have to streamline this.

Current Round & Past Rounds: I think this is just as explanatory lol I'm going to post the current round, story, ((NEW)) the terrain of the area; is it snowy? Rainy? Hot? Sandy? etc. etc.

Entries: Do i honestly need to explain this? lol

People Following Along: Post will include each persons entry. not much else.

Winners Circle: The best scoring person/people will be put in the winners circle.

Upcoming Rounds: Each name of the story arc in order of the way they will be posted. If people show enough interest in one of them however, I will post one of the stories instead of the next one. c:

Archive: Archive I think would only hold past entries and (possibly) past scoring.

Story: I'll not only be writing the round and a story for that, but I'll be writing the story as time goes on, from beginning to end, for each Story arc. As well, I'll also be writing a prologue and a epilogue for the story, to show the effects of after the characters after they vanquished the evil, and what the world was like before they made their creations.

Results: Again, do i need to explain this one?

Total Points Achieved: Basically this will show all of your points over the course of the entire competition; it doesn't show how many wins or loses you've gotten, how many honorable mentions you've gotten, or anything else like that. it shows you how many points you've scored out of how many points possible in the entire competition.

Say, for example, you enter R1. You make seven avatars, and all (however many) of the judges score you a combined total of 1350/1800. And then you enter R2, and you score 1617/1800. You add the two together and you will have a total amount 2967/3600. And as you enter more and more, and more points are accumulated, the complete total will slowly go up, and your points will accumulate higher as well.

Maybe another thing I can do is like, Ranks and leaderboards and stuff. Well, Leaderboards will probably be what the points are on. Maybe there are mentions as well, rewards for doing well, etc. Like, maybe 10000 gives you the ability to become a judge on the panel as well as the original judges. These prizes will not be known to anybody except for the mule, and when you get one, you will be alerted, and you can dance in the joy of being awesome emotion_dowant (The 10000 number is just a number. I doubt anybody will be able to earn that lol )


It's going to be run by me. I'm not waiting around for a phone. This whole guild may die and I'll just be sitting here quacking all by myself. But, you know, I don't really care. Because, hey, I'm still going to run it 8D

There should be places to talk, places for each person to be showcased

Opener (picture)
Rules (no picture)
Judges (picture)
Current Round (picture)
Entries (picture)
Results (no picture)
Peoples Collections (picture)
Upcoming Rounds (no picture)
Winners Circle (picture)
Total Points Achieved (no picture)
Rankings (no picture)
Story (picture)
Archive (no picture)
Reserved (just to take up space, if any; no picture)

-Magdelains Tavern for the Weary?
Welcome, dears, to my cozy little tavern on the peninsula of Brasdain. For fifteen generations, my family has been running this tavern for tired, weary, and fight hardened folks like yourself, promising a warm cup of Ale and a fire to warm those achey bones. In here you'll find various characters and people, all from the six peninsulas, as we are world famous. So chat with others like yourself, take a look around, and rest up for your next adventure.

-Yours truly, Magdelain.

(The Gallery posts will look something like this~)

First Post:
~The Kingdom of Bellanoir~

Second Post:
~Mairon's Demise~

GOD HOW MUCH STUFF DID I WRITE IN THERE? I sifted through all that and got very little/nothing at all.