My palms still calm
After she touch me
Oh so precious to me
The air from you I hate to breathe
Because you put my heart into place
Over the speed limit
Crash into my carded house
I can't feel like a distant lover
They look at me strange
My burden as a outlaw
I saw you
The only queen on my island
Faded castle in the wet sand
Can't I still play
Lost bride ran away from me
Can't happiness in my heart
But it's pouring
Only me in this barring desert
But she dreams of me in time
Will she wake up ?
To my nightmare
Ever after I deserve it
But sunset boulevard don't shine on all of us
I'll keep my distance further
Ride her till I give up
Can't take me to much further
With little I have
All I have to remember
Can't take this away from me