Hate hate hate.. Double hate.. LOATHE ENTIRELY.

So I have not had an entire day of school this week. Yesterday I had a one hour delay and then today I had a two hour delay (Which was honestly ridiculous.. Because we didn't get jack s**t done) cough cough.. Anyways. I guess.. I learned how to make stamps from erasers.. Woohoo?

So I walked around on Thursday basically asking various different people if they thought William Levy was cute.. There was no happy medium for anyone. Either they thought he was entirely gorgeous(which he is ok) or they thought he was ugly. I do not agree okay. Lots of people at my school are Latino so they already knew who he was but honestly.. He's not ugly okay .-.

OKAY OKAY. So I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I am seriously tired about hearing about ll these famous people on Tv.. Justin Beiber did this.. bla bla bla.. Oh Beyonce did this.. bla bla bla. Honestly, tell me something interesting because I'm super tired of hearing about the same freaking people over and over again. It's annoying. Now see if they were to start talking about William Levy.. I would not have a problem with that at all.

I just want it to be winter break already. I'm tired of school ok.
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