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Aka's Thoughts...
Hello Gaia,

Currently hardwired to my modem as my router died. Sort of annoying as I haven't found the time to replace it and its been about two weeks. xp

Currently listening to a song called 1,2,3,4 by a K-pop idol named Lee Hi. Lovely song.

Finished watching Cowboy Bebop. Classic anime that for some reason I've avoided watching until just recently. My theory is that I thought it was going to be similar to Lupin. Boy, was I way off. The anime was recommended to me by a coworker and friend named Jessica (she prefers to be called Jess-Jess). I enjoyed it but would have been even cooler if the episodes were about Spike's past with Vicious and Julia. There were some episodes about the other character's backgrounds that I would have been fine with skipping.

Currently reading a book called On Midnight Wings by Adrian Phoenix. It is the fifth and final book in the series called The Maker's Song. Its hard to describe what genre this book falls into as it has elements of fantasy, mystery, and romance but its pure fiction. I originally read the first book not knowing that it was an entire series. The author is amazing. Beautiful writing and wonderful characters. Although there are a lot of characters (and I honestly had to take notes to remember who is who), it was a fun plot to follow. There are vampires, fallen angels, and corrupt F.B.I. detectives. Oh so fun. 3nodding

There is also another series that I highly recommend. The Prodigy series by Marie Lu. Dystopian setting with badass protagonists. I own the third book but have yet to read it but I don't doubt that I will thoroughly enjoy it.

The last movie I saw: I watched Catching Fire in theatres about two weeks ago. Pretty fantastic. I think it was a well made movie. Can't wait for the third and final movie adaptation.

I've been watching a k-drama called K-POP Extreme Survival. Its cute so far. Not my favorite but it isn't bad. I mainly wanted to watch it because I'm drawn to shows that have singing. I installed an app on my android called Viki that allows me to watch it on my phone. Its fantastic. blaugh

Went Nan Desu Kan as per my tradition. Spent it in a room with two friends and a child (not mine just so we are clear). Always awesome. Got me a wall scroll from my favorite anime this year called Sword Art Online. The only bad thing that happened is that I bought the wall scroll with the intent to get it signed by the voice actors. I had a V.I.P. pass to do so however, Colorado decided to experience a flood. Rather than risk getting trapped in Denver, I had to leave early thereby, having to give up my V.I.P. pass and missing my autograph session. crying I gave my V.I.P. pass to a cosplayer who was dressed as my favorite character from that anime so I hope that he got some use from it.

For my birthday, I went to the Renaissance Festival in Bonner Springs, Kansas. It took me about 8 hours to get there; total of 16 hours round-trip. Luckily I went with two friends who helped pay for gas as it was my car we took. I just paid for the hotel room, food, misc. I definitely had fun. My friends dressed me up as a tavern wench. rofl I saw a badass fire show with three very attractive people and that was the highlight of my day. I bought a beautiful painting depicting a doll-like geisha surrounded by koi fish.

This year for Christmas, it was decided it would be best to do a secret santa event. Its a wise decision since we are all in a bind financially or more that we cannot buy everyone something nice. The person I got was my sister's boyfriend. My sis and her bf seemed to want a wireless mic system for use while they DJ. Came out to be $150.00; the cost will be split between my niece and I since she got her mom (my sis).
I set up the secret santa event at work as well. Got my friend Josh. He is a huge fan of Batman and Blackberry (the phone). I decided to combine the ideas which resulted in me purchasing a Blackberry Z10 Batman case for his phone. biggrin Hope he likes it.
I also purchased two tickets to go see Jeff Dunham. Going to give both tickets to my sister and her boyfriend. Although I like Jeff Dunham, she is more of a fan than I am. Figured it could be like a nice date-like thing to do.

Was stressed out and tired at work all day today. It was because of some drama revolving around my car. In a nutshell, my mom needs to use it while she is in Mexico. The plan was ultimately for her and I to trade cars. I would get her Jeep Liberty and she would get my Hyundai Elantra. I was so against the idea since I'm about to pay off my car in January and plus, duh, its my car. I love my car; I've put time and effort and money into it to keep it nice. Well, that was my trail of thinking at first...
The story starts off that my brother was trying to force me to hand over my car. He lacks tactfulness and was also guilt tripping me into giving my mom my car. The thought process behind this is that Mexico is not a safe place... someone sees you with a nice car, they can kill you for it. The solution: to give my mom my car because and I quote my brother, "It doesn't stand out." stare What an a*****e, right? So long story short, I told my mom she could have my car, not because my brother was asking but because I would do anything for her. I would sacrifice anything for her.
My brother of course is still being a jackass about it and decided to trash the whole plan since I was against it at first. So I'm not sure what to do...

On another note, I still work at the same place. I've been there five years which fascinates new hires. sweatdrop Albeit, it is a different department within the same location so I guess its progress and hey, its a job and I'm living decently. Once I pay off my car, I will be able to start helping my sister out and actually being able to put money in a savings account... Thats exciting. I plan to fix up my car a bit also; I want to restore the headlights and fix the damaged strut.
So I moved over to a new department where I don't have to deal with so much bullshit. I foresaw s**t hitting the fan for those people who decided to stay in the old department; I was right. Since so many people quit and/or went on to greener pastures, those remaining got screwed in turns of hours and schedules and the amount of calls they have to take. They are constantly busy. In the meantime, I watch them from my department with pity. sad Poor fools. I'm not so busy in my department and I actually get plenty of time to socialize, read or draw.

At work, I've received quite a few request for my drawings. 4laugh People love the koi fish I draw. Its flattering. So many people around the call center have random koi fish hanging from their desks. Its amusing. Currently I'm drawing my coworkers in chibi form.

Much Loves,

Akane Katra
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