Rose flinched as she heard a thump inside the house, her hand rested softly on the handle her body tense in preparation. She knew what to expect, when she entered this house. When his eyes would fall apoun her like she was the cause of every trouble in the world, he would lunge at her, pin her and take his pain out on her. She would'nt fight him. She would except each bruise, and would belive each cruel world. If she was lucky he would become to tired to stayed focused and would leave her to hide in her room.

But when she opened the door, and looked inside she froze at what she saw. On the counter was a small metal weapon, but so strikingly familiar it hurt. A pistol, she knew little of weapons but she knew that's what it was. She didn't dare reach for it as her uncle paced back and forward like a caged, right in front of the dangerous metal.

"Uncle Johnson?" her voice was half caught in her throat, she did'nt have to be able to feel it, though she did he was'nt drunk, any alcohol in the air was stale and old. He was sober, but as Johnson met his niece's eyes she could see anger, frustration, desperation, but over all despair, exhaustion. The look was far to familiar.

"Were did you get that?" it was all she could manage, as she gestured to the gun trying not to shake. Her heart almost stopped when her clasped his hands around it. "Not important" he growled, shaking his head like a horse with a fly at its ear.
Rose took a step forward and it set him off, he lunged pushing her down, before jumping back grabbing something random and throwing it. "Stay away from me, for once just stay away" he snapped. Rose pulled herself off the floor and stepped.
"You need to breath, what ever is going on, we can fix it OK, well fix it" her own desperation slipped through.

Her words did have an effect not the desired one though, his laugh was cold empty, and it sent shivers through her spine. And then he just snapped he grabbed her by her throat pinning her to the wall, and everything happened in a blurr, pain, the feel of cold metal hitting and biting into her skin. He was shakeing her, and she was on the floor now. Her head being hit against the tiles. "Theres nothing left to fix!" he screamed. "Its gone, all of its gone, Iv lost everything!" she could hear the words although the ringing in her ears made it hard. Suddenly the shaking stopped, and he was drawn against the cowner looking at his hands now tinted in red. Rose pulled her self up, fumbling for her phone, she hit the first number she could and it happend to be issacs and relaised her arm was bleeding, the guns ridges had torn into her skin, and her head was probably bleeding as well.

She watched as he looked at the gun, her hands dropped the phone and it was now forgotten, she did'nt hear issacs voice over the phone, her eyes were on her uncle and she could feel it, see it as reslove hit him. He looked at her sadly, guilt, and bittenress mingling in his eyes. She was to dazed to do anything, and some how she ended up in that room, as his despair filled her, and she was handcuffed to the post of the bed. But the anger had left him, and she wonderd if it was ever really directed at her, or if she was just collateral damage. He kissed her head, and she barley heard him whisper an apology. And then as she got her awarenss back and he walked out leaving the door open, gun in hand, she could see him sitting the living room visible from here. She yelled, begging him. "If Its me Ill leave, if its money, well be Ok when I turn 18 we can manage until them, Ill try harder to find a job, damn it Ill drop out, just please, stop!" the rest was mainly sobs as she heard the sound of the metal, as he lorded the weapon. She pulling so hard now, her confinements cut dangerously into her skin she didn't notice blood trickling down her fingers, though.

And then, it was to late, it was like and explosion to her, but later she would realize compared to the first time she heard it, it was much quieter, a silencer. Chances were he had planned to kill himself while she slept but his emotions got the better of him and he grew to frustrated. She saw a bit of him as he hit the floor, and blood leaked into the hall way trailing along so far it almost reached her. she was sobbing as she pulled harder and harder with out any recognition of the bite from the metal around her wrists, and didn't stop until she was left without any fight.
Nothing was left in her, no thought, nothing. She was shaking, but other wise was limp against the back of the bed. A silent plea on her lips. She never heard Issac's voice from the phone in the kitchen, still left. She didn't know if anyone was coming and she didn't care.