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The next morning Princess Marina was on her way to meet Antonio like she does every morning. Marina stumbled apon a hole big enough for an elephant to fit.
Marina felt a tiny shove from behind and she fell into the huge hole, as she screamed she turned her body to see who pushed her, she saw bright red hair and glasses, Annabelle.
Annabelle had pushed her, the same Annabelle who always seemed nice to everyone and had the purest aura. That all changed once she was pushed.
Hours later Marina came too, when she did people were staring at her. When Marina got up from where she was lying unconsciously she looked in a shopping window. Wow, I'm beautiful... Marina thought. Marina now had Big purple and pink spotted eyes, and Beautiful blonde hair like a foreigner. She was tall and slim and was big where it counted. All the sudden something caught her eye, it was a tiny bakery, and inside it was Ameer. Marina walked into the bakery and walked up to Ameer.
Hello Ameer. Marina said smoothly. Ameer looked up confused and once he got off shift he walked home arm in arm with a girl, Marina noticed them kiss, Oh my Gosh Ameer has a girlfriend?
Finally Marina looked around her at her surrondings, she noticed people coming out of a school wearing uniforms, a train station, tiny shops, a huge outlet mall, a large park, and tons of houses. Not a lot of things were different. All of the sudden a flyer flew in front of her.
Earth's New Years Countdown 2025.2025!??!?! Marina Panicked. She was born in 1992. She was a high school student and she was a princess from the Royal Academy. Now she was a regular boring girl with a gorgeous body and face.
Marina applied to a highschool and transferred into it the very next day. Marina was beautiful in her new school uniform. Something new caught her eye. Antonio. He was the student council president, and was receiving all the attention from the girls. Not a surprise.
Marina looked at her books, Mami? That's not my name....
Marina walked up to Antonio and kissed him softly on the lips. She took a step back and waited for a reaction. Obviously the Antonio in this world wasn't such a playboy and was gentle, kind, cared for people, and fell in deep love with Marina since the first kiss which was right now.
Shocked as the girls were they asked Antonio about her.
O-Oh, that's just the English way of saying hello. Antonio said. After that, Mami (Marina) hung out with Antonio every second she could, weither it be Class Mates, Project partners, eating lunch together, walking to and from school together. Mami stumbed upon a world where her love loved her back. Mami knew it wasn't right but she couldn't help herself, and hoplessly found her lips tangled with Antonio's.
But there was a complication, a few months later she met someone who's name was Annabelle, the same Annabelle who pushed her, but at the same time not the same Annabelle. Annabelle was ugly in this world, Bouncy red hair, big glasses, and long skirts. Annabelle loved Antonio in this world too. When Mami saw this she giggled at Annabelle and hugged Antonio's arm. Antonio smiled down at her and they walked to class.
Kukukuku I could stay here forever. I've learned proper Japanese and English. I am the top student or 2nd top student, all the teachers seem to like me, and the girls and boys here adore me I guess.... Mami thought.
Back in her World things were chaotic, the Kingdom's Princess was missing and nobody but Annabelle seemed to know where she was, but why would Annabelle risk her shot at love for a snotty brat like Marina (Mami). Antonio and Ameer were forced to work together to try to find Marina (Mami).
Back in the current world Mami seemed just fine. She even got her own apartment and lived there by herself.
I still want to experience what real love is. Thought Mami. Mami then called Antonio over and he came 30 minutes later.
I want you to teach me what real love is, so I have missions for us. Mami said.
Missions? Antonio asked.
Yes. That's exactly right. Mami said giggling.

End of Today's page <3

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