Mami panicked inside her head so no one could her screaming. That might make the situation worse.
Who are you? Antonio said suspiciusly, wondering if he somehow had a missing twin brother who dressed up as a prince from the 80's.
That's what I was wondering, what the hell are you doing with Marina? Prince Antonio asked rudely. Wondering the same thing as Antonio.
Marina? You mean Mami? Antonio said.
Mami? That girl is Marina, Princess Marina IV to be correct, now just who do you think your calling Mami? Prince Antonio said.
Princess? Antonio said.
That's right I came last night through a stupid rabbit hole, and ended up in the street, that's when I saw a billboard of Marina.. Mami whatever and got her address. Prince Antonio said. Antonio looked over at me awkwardly.
Is this true.. Marina? Are you a Princess? Antonio asked. Maim nodded.
Yes, my name is Princess Marina IV from the kingdom of Rahn. Mami said sadly.
Why didn't you tell me this? Antonio said.
B-because, I finally found the person I loved who loved me back... where I come from Prince Antonio doesn't love me like you do... He loves me like a sister.... Mami said embarresed. Prince Antonio looked at her like she was crazy.
I do love you idiot, I-I'm just not good at expressing it... Prince Antonio said flushed.
But we have no way of ever going back.... Mami said.
Yes, I know... Our kingdom will be in total chaos until the next generations.... However it is good that you have a younger sister... She will rule the kingdom... Prince Antonio said.
For now you need to come to school with us. Mami said. Prince Antonio sighed and said OK.
We'll just say your my twin brother from America. You need a different name though. Antonio said. Mami wondered what it should be, then an idea popped in her head.
I've got it! How about Anthony. Mami suggested. Prince Antonio, now Anthony said OK again.

<3 What a Romantic Story <3

Stay tuned to see what happens next ~<3